Day 5 – Saturday 15th November 2008

We had a very exciting morning today with lots of activity. Marnie was back to visiting again today so we decided it was a good time to take some photos to try and give some perspective of Eva’s size. Our first shot was of my wedding band on her little arm! I had thought that my ring may fit on her wrist as a bracelet but certainly did not think it would fit on her upper arm. We were both a little shocked when it was loose on her upper arm! Next we put a nappy pin next to her lower leg, which was a little longer than the nappy pin.

Grant had been telling Isabelle, Henry and Zachary that Eva would fit inside a baseball cap so we took along a cap and while I was holding her up for a sheet change Marnie put the cap on top of the crib and took a photo. You can see all these photos on Flickr.

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in many of her daily cares this morning, which was most exciting.  Eva’s nappy today was very pooey as it was the first time she had processed the milk she is being fed. This was of course very pleasing and we thought it funny that we were both so excited about a dirty nappy.

Eva’s skin is coated with paraffin in order to keep the heat in, moisturise and act as a barrier to infection. It is applied by a finger or some gauze and makes her skin all shinny.  This is also the time when the nurses swap the temperature sensor to the opposite foot and move the oxygen saturation sensor to another foot or hand.

I gave Eva another feed, which is still currently at 0.5ml every 4 hours. In order to feed her the syringe is attached to her nasogastric tube and just a small push starts the flow, which then continues by gravity.

The cap on Eva’s head, which holds the CPAP mask in place was changed today as it was getting a little small. Her new cap has bright pink stitching around the edges and I was happy to see her with at least a small amount of pink! We were able to take the old cap home and will keep it as a momento. At home we tested the size of the cap with an apple, which it did not even fit onto!

We left the hospital buzzing and on a high following a morning looking after Eva and doing the things that parents would normally do with a newborn child!

Craig & Liz arrived from London for the weekend and from the moment they arrived were amazing at just jumping in and doing everything they could for us. We did a very efficient Tesco shop with all 4 of us looking for different items from the list. Lucky for us they had some good meal deals on pre-prepared meals which should keep us going until we get more settled.

In the afternoon and evening we took Craig and Liz to meet Eva. They were amazed by her size and actually found her bigger than they had imagined having seen our photos. This afternoon Eva was prone lying (chest down) due to bradycardia (slow heart rate) to give her chest a rest while breathing.  With her back exposed and the light shining down on her the fine blond hair that was protecting her in utero was very visible.  She looked a bit like a frog with her knees bent up and her oversized hands and feet.  Eva had an x-ray of her chest to ensure that this is not being caused by an infection.   We were relieved when this came back clear. 

Eva’s weight has stabilised today at 668g.

Craig and Liz took us out to dinner tonight, which was lovely of them. We went to a restaurant at the new shopping centre Cabot Circus across the road from us. It was good for them to see Cabot Circus as last time they visited it was still under construction.


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