Day 7 – Monday November 17th 2008

Eva seems to have stabilised today and is just being a good girl and doing all the right things.  We had a bit of a sleep in this morning and arrived about 10am to do all her cares.  It was daddy’s job today as he will have less opportunity when he goes back to work.  Andrew is getting good at nappies and paraffin application. 

Eva’s skin looks much better today, not red or blotchy.  She even looks like she has grown to me!  Lindsay, her nurse today, put her in a material nest on top of her sheets to give Eva some boundaries when stretching and moving, like she would have in the womb.  It is really obvious here, like with all nursing, everyone has their own way of doing things. 

We met the consultant who is in charge for the next two weeks, James.  He is a bundle of energy and talks very fast.  James was really interested in our opinions and explained everything very well.  He feels Eva is doing everything as expected for a baby of 25 weeks gestation.  Eva had a scan of her heart today, which confirmed that she has a PDA (hole that hasn’t closed in her heart).  The treatment for this is a drug called Indomethacin, which works on the surrounding tissues to help close the hole.  The side effects are monitored by looking at her blood levels.  As we explained yesterday this is a common problem for premature babies.  James was positive about the treatment and explained that it could take anything from 3 days to two weeks.

Today Eva has started having blood taken by a heel prick as her arterial line has come out of her umbilical cord. This upset me because I do not like to see her in pain. Andrew witnessed the first heel prick today. She was firstly given a drop glucose on her lips with a syringe to dull the pain of having her heel pricked.  Andrew said she really enjoyed the glucose, sucking away merrily and was not bothered by the pin prick at all!  Still her heel looks very red but apparently it doesn’t bother them.

Eva had some more visitors in the afternoon.  Helen from work visited again and thought that Eva had filled out in the chest over the past week.  Pete (a minister from church) and Rebekah met Eva for the first time and were amazed at just how perfect she is but so tiny.  Pete prayed over Eva, which was beautiful and also asked for God’s strength for us.

We were both a little low in energy today with colds bothering us.  I guess it is to be expected that the initial adrenaline has run out and the reality is catching up. 

I did have one really important revelation today.  I realised that Eva has the basic problem of no longer being protected inside me.  Now she just has to do her growing on the outside of me, which is a little more stressful.  Thank goodness it doesn’t appear so far that she has any problems or weaknesses that caused her to be born early.  This makes both of us much more confident of her prognosis.  


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