Day 11 – Friday November 21st 2008

Our little Eva has an infection in her blood.  No doubt this is her first challenge of many.  At the moment she seems to be doing ok and not struggling too much.  It was confirmed today that she has Staphylococcus growing in her blood but the strain will not be confirmed until tomorrow.  Fortunately she has already been on 24 hours of antibiotics and seems to be responding to those well.  This course of antibiotics will probably last for 5 days.

Today her blood results have returned a little abnormal which is related to the infection and also the drug treatment for the PDA.  Eva had her 5th dose of Indomethacin so lets hope it is working to heal the hole in her heart and she will not need further treatment.  Her kidney function is dropping a little so they are giving her less fluids so that her body has less to process.  Eva’s sodium (salt) level is low so she was a little twitchy today but is now having sodium replacement. 

Also her haemaglobin level has dropped which means she has less red blood cells circulating her oxygen.  This is because she only has a total of 70mls of blood and they take about 1ml each time they do a blood test.  They are reluctant to give her a blood transfusion until really necessary because it can confuse her body into not making blood cells of it’s own.

It does sound like there is lots going on medically with Eva but she is still doing really well for a 25-weeker according to the medical staff.  The results that have been a little off today are what they would expect of her.  We have to have the confidence in their judgement of the situation and trust in their actions.

Eva had an hour in Kangaroo Care today.  I read her “The Little Red Caboose”.  I talked about her family and about Daddy coming to see her.  She was dropping her oxygen saturation (the amount of oxygen circulating in her blood) so she had to go back in her crib.  She has required a small amount of oxygen through her CPAP mask today.  I really feel that this time with her is just magical and really hope that Andrew has this opportunity tomorrow.  It is so lovely to feel her right against me.   I can feel when her hands and feet move. 

I left the hospital in the early afternoon and found it really weird walking through town to see people going about their normal lives!  It’s weird to think how much has happened in the last fortnight and how much our lives have changed.  I find it hard to think about the future.  I am really trying to focus on every day being a blessing but am I denying Eva by not thinking of her any further into the future?  It’s tricky to know what’s best for our mental health.

I actually had an afternoon nap today which was nice although it was hard to get out of bed.  It was slightly colder here today and it rained for the first time in 4 days!  Overnight it is going to be zero was a maximum of 6 tomorrow.  Luckily we have a car for the weekend so no walking in the rain.

Andrew visited after work today and found Eva to be fast asleep so didn’t want to disturb her.  We know how she is disturbed for her observations and blood tests so it is best to leave her grow when she is sleeping.  He did get to change her nappy though as it was time.  Andrew wasn’t very confident in the nurse looking after Eva who wasn’t very good at communicating what she was doing.   Perhaps I had made her too nervous in he afternoon!

Andrew has found it difficult not to be there today as there were changes and he didn’t get to hear about them first hand.  Andrew’s routine of being back to work is hard for us both to adjust to.  It is hard not to feel helpless, when all you can do is send her love and strength through the crib.

We have had an evening with take away and tidying up flowers.  We will sleep in tomorrow and try to have afternoon naps over the weekend. 


One thought on “Day 11 – Friday November 21st 2008

  1. I do love reading your blog Marnie and Andy. My heart skips a beat every time you mention a concern – nothing to what yours does I’ll bet!! I must admit I skim the medical terms – not being a foracious medical term person, unlike some others in the family! However, it’s great that you know what they are talking about and it sounds as though the staff keep you so very well informed.
    How is Reuben doing? – and his parents?
    I see Eva’s little eye in yesterday’s blog photo. Can you see colour in them yet?

    I pray that Eva will overcome this infection. How awful for her to already have had a lumbar puncture.

    There will be a whole lot more candles lit for her tomorrow.

    Love to you all, Mim

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