Day 12 – Saturday 22nd November 2008

Wow, what an amazing afternoon! Today was my first opportunity for Kangaroo Care with Eva and what a magical experience. Eva was so warm against my chest and it was really nice to be able to feel her every movement and hear her little cries. This was such a calm relaxing moment and I nearly fell asleep with her in my hands. We both feel so fortunate that we are able to spend this precious time with our lovely little girl. To hold her and have her so close makes it seem so much more real that Eva has arrived and that she really is our daughter.  Watching her heart beat slow to a calm rhythm and feeling her snuggle up tight is oh so special.

Today Eva regained her rightful place in ICU not because of any change in her condition only that a bed became available and it is better for her with the care required that she be in ICU. Our new position is beside a window and in the corner so it is better than where we were previously. Eva swapped places with Reuben who you may remember Marnie mentioned a few days ago. It was great news to hear that his condition had improved enough for him to move to HDU (high dependency) and that he even had his first feed today. We saw his parents this evening and they had big smiles on their face, which was nice to see.

We also had some great news this afternoon when Dan the doctor announced that her CRP (infection) level had dropped from over 90 yesterday to just 26 this morning and now 20 tonight (below 10 is normal). Also further test results from her blood confirmed that the staphylococcus in her blood was only a contamination of the sample and actually she is clear. There was an infection in her system but it is now unclear what it was and the antibiotics have done their job and cleared it up. It is most likely the antibiotics will continue for 2 more days to complete the course just as a precaution. Dan did remind us once again that this would not be the last time Eva will be on antibiotics or the last infection in her system. This is just normal for a baby of her gestation.

Dan also told us her haemoglobin is back up to 10+ and she will not need to have a blood transfusion at this point. This was a relief as there was concern if she was given a transfusion at this stage that her body might become confused and feel it didn’t need to make blood anymore. So this was yet more good news for us!

Eva’s breathing has been quite good today. She did have a little bit of oxygen this afternoon just to help her along. It seems she is now not forgetting to breathe, which was giving a slow heart rate and causing us a bit of concern earlier in the week. 

Tonight Eva will have her final (6th) dose of Indomethacin to resolve her PDA. The doctors will then review her tomorrow to see whether the hole has closed or if another 6 day course of Indomethacin is required. Our fingers are crossed that they will find it healed.

Thank you to all those who are reading the blog and for comments that have been left on photos, the blog and all the messages of support in emails and texts we have received. We are overwhelmed by the number of people who are thinking and praying for both Eva and for us. Currently there is on average 70 people a day viewing the blog and we feel your support!

Today has been a fantastic day and I am sure I have appreciated it more having returned to work and not being able to be with Eva & Marnie at any time during the day. Weekends are going to be such a highlight in the next few months and I can’t wait for my 2 week break during Christmas and New Year.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 – Saturday 22nd November 2008

  1. Way to go Andy!!! So where is the photo of you doing kangaroo care?? I haven’t looked at Flik’r today yet – there had better be one on there! Great news about Eva’s progress. She’s a littel fighter isn’t she?
    Love Mim

  2. Hi Andrew and Marnie ~ Your friends at Mouzon UMC in Charlotte are keeping you in our prayers…love to all three of you!!!!

  3. Thanks Andrew..I feel so fortunate to be able to share your journey with Eva, especially from such a huge distance.. Thank you for the time and energy you are finding at the moment to do this.
    Simon and I chat about Eva’s progress every day, and he recalls the journey of Amy as a 32 weeker.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. xx

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