Day 13 – Sunday November 23rd 2008

Daddy had another wonderful time with Kangaroo Care today.  Eva calmly snuggled up to Daddy’s chest as soon as Rita put her there.  I guess he was familiar to her from yesterday.  Again he thoroughly enjoyed all his time with his new number 1 girl! We had a great time reading her 3 books today and Eva seemed to be wriggling while I was reading to her. 

Whilst Eva was out in the chair Dr Dan listened to her heart and couldn’t detect a murmur.  This may mean that the PDA has closed which is great.  As long as she is coping with breathing and eating they will not do any further investigations into it.  Dan says that some never close and they don’t cause any harm.  We will just have to wait and see but for now she doesn’t need any more Indomethacin.

During Kangaroo Care Eva was fed twice down her feeding tube.  Today her feeds have increased to 1ml 2 hourly, which is great news.  Eva still has a lot to catch up on seeing as I am expressing 60-90mls 4 hourly!  So far she appears to be tolerating this increase and we hope this will continue.  Her weight is back to 743g, which seems to be actual weight gain not just fluid retention so we are pleased with this.  Apparently it is tradition that when babies reach 1kg the Dads have to bake a cake.  The staff are already putting in their requests!

Eva’s infection markers in her blood have reduced again today which is great.  The antibiotics will continue for a further 48 hours to give her a full 5 day course.

This weekend we should have been visiting Lucy north of London and last weekend we had a trip booked to Berlin.  Amazing that we are now just visiting the hospital as our outings!  Andrew and I have reflected on how lucky we were that this didn’t happen in Germany.  3 months living there could have been very stressful.

We enjoyed going to church this week and reflecting again on how much strength we are getting from God.  Several people came up to us to check on Eva and check what they need to pray for this week.

Andrew took me out to dinner for our Wedding Anniversary tonight.  It was fun to get dressed up and reflect on our past 4 years and of course the past 2 weeks.  It’s lucky we have such competent babysitters that allow us this luxury as new parents!  Amazing what you get from your taxes here in the UK.

We are delighted that our precious Eva is strong and determined to keep growing.  Hopefully we can continue to benefit as a family from daily Kangaroo Care and participating in her care in the crib.  All of this is bringing us great joy at the moment.  We continue to be thankful to God and all those sending their love to keep her crib filled.  You are all making a difference!


One thought on “Day 13 – Sunday November 23rd 2008

  1. Hi Marnie, Andrew

    Glad to hear Eva is responding positively to the antibiotics for the staph infection and she is increasing her intake of milk. Lovely to see you both enjoying the kangaroo care – also that Eva is more relaxed after her cuddles. What would we do without your wonderful pictures and the blog. Well done!
    Love Bethxxx

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