Day 17 – Thursday November 27th 2008

Eva had an unsettled day today.   She had several episodes of bradycardia (slow heart beat) and low oxygen saturations today.  This could be due to a number of reasons: infection, gastric reflux or blocked nose.  Currently she appears well and has just stopped her antibiotics today so we are hoping it’s not another infection.  Eva now has Gaviscon after her feed to help her if it is gastric reflux.  The nurses are regularly using suction to clear her throat and nose, which has seemed to help.  Of course Eva seems far less bothered by all this than her mother who had another day of being bothered by the numbers on the monitors.  NICU was busy again today and at one stage Eva’s monitor was just ringing almost constantly.  I figured out that this was a problem with the information coming from the leads on her chest but no one had time to come over and confirm those thoughts.  When the lead was changed the monitor readings did improve.

The scariest part of today was when Eva came out for Kangaroo Care.  The nurse assured me that she was well enough so we got all set up but within a minute of being on my chest Eva dropped her saturations and her heartbeat slowed.  The nurse quickly grabbed her and put her back.  Eva was a little blue but very quickly regained her colour with her heartbeat and breathing returning to normal.  It all happened so quickly and was resolved but next time my instinct says to me that she isn’t so well I should trust it and leave her in the crib. I phoned Andrew and had a cry followed by some chocolate so felt much better after that.   Eva and I still said our prayers and sung songs just like we would have done if she was out.  Hopefully it helped her as much as it helped me.

Eva weighs 900g today, closer to the 1kg cake that Daddy has to bake.  She seems to be tolerating her increase in feed which is up to 6ml 2 hourly.  I delivered another 50 bottles of frozen milk to the hospital today, which I’m sure she’ll never get through!  More dirty nappies today changing in colour, which is a good sign of digestion (for those of you now following the progress of my daughter’s dirty nappies!).  I washed Eva’s face again today around the mask.  Her little ears need to be checked regularly for positioning under the band that holds the mask on as they have no cartilage yet so must be flat otherwise they will grow bent over!

Eva moved back into High Dependency this afternoon again because there was a more poorly baby needing her ICU bed.  At least it is quieter there and maybe she will get more attention seeing as she is the sickest baby in HDU instead of being the best in ICU. Eva has been much more settled this evening so hopefully that continues into tomorrow.

Andrew is having a busy few days at work following the Government decision on Wednesday to decrease VAT(value added tax) from 17.5% to 15% from next Monday. This means he will spend the next 2 days changing contracted rates to reflect this change. The idea is to boost consumer spending in the UK however it seems it is only going to add costs to businesses in order to implement it in just 4 days!

Mum arrives in just 4 sleeps to meet her new Granddaughter! Hopefully Eva is behaving by then.


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