Day 21 – Monday December 1st 2008

Eva had a very exciting day today, she met Nanny for the first time!  This morning when Andrew and I went to visit Eva she cried for 2 minutes because we had arrived without her special visitor.  Later in the morning Mum visited for the first time.  Mum thought that she was just so little.  She hadn’t imagined her being smaller than her porcelain doll (Rosemary).  Mum thought that Eva’s hands and feet were just beautiful and dainty.  She thought her eyelashes and eyebrows were just gorgeous.  Mum really enjoyed her first touch and was surprised by how smooth Eva’s skin was.  Mum couldn’t get over how busy the place was however she felt it was a friendly place.  Life is what she imagined it would be like in NICU.

Eva was ok today.  There have been a few changes.  The consultant changed today and we now have Marianne.  Eva’s long line has been removed as they feel this may be a source of infection.  The blood sample taken on Friday has grown Staphylococcus and her antibiotics have changed to Vancomycin, as that is the best one to kill this bug.  It seems she will have a further 7 days on this treatment.  The course of antibiotics needs to be so long because the tip of the long line was sitting in the chamber of her heart and so they want to make sure infection isn’t in there.  Having the long line out means that Eva now has to have a cannula in her arm or leg.  This is a short term inconvenience to her but safer for infection risks.

Eva’s feeding has continued to increase today.  She is now on 10mls every 2 hours and this will continue to increase 2mls every 2 hours.  With the removal of the long line Eva no longer has the TPN (artificial feeding) so she is reliant on just my breast milk for her nutrition!  We hope she continues to tolerate this food and continues to grow.  After a few days of loss she is back up to 930g (over 2lb)!  Maybe she will crack 1kg this week. 

Andrew and I are a little concerned about the increased use of oxygen over the weekend.  Marianne simply said not to worry it is just for Eva to keep strong whilst fighting an infection.  Today Eva dropped her oxygen saturation level a few times but it is also just her moving around and the probe loosing contact with her skin.  We are trying to encourage the nursing staff to reduce her oxygen where possible.

Eva had two new feeding tubes today as the tube comes out easily.  Eva plays with her fingers just inside her mouth and inadvertently moves it out.  She also uses her tongue to move it out.  No Kangaroo Care today as the staff were very busy and Eva wasn’t quite right.  Hopefully tomorrow when Mum is in visiting.

It’s just so lovely to have Mum here to help us at this time.  I feel it will be a very busy time for her.  The weather was great today.  Sunshine and blue skies but very cold at 5 degrees. A lovely welcome for her.


One thought on “Day 21 – Monday December 1st 2008

  1. How lovely for Kaye to be with you Marnie and Andy. Ruth is insanely jealous of course but it will be their turn soon. How wonderful for Eva to be feeding in such copious quantities now! Merrilyn and I have just been hefting a litre of milk to try to visualise Eva’s current weight. Amazing to think that this is so much heavier than she was 3 weeks ago. Much love to you all, Mim

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