Day 22 – Tuesday December 2nd 2008

Eva is 28 weeks gestation today.  I just feel so sorry for her and wish I could swap places with her.  It is just such hard work for Eva to be living outside me instead of in me.   She has been fighting and growing for 3 weeks now so we are very proud of her.  Today I feel that I just want her home!  My third trimester would have started today so I am missing out on her moving inside me and getting bigger but as a bonus I was able to enjoy a glass of wine this evening!

I am feeling a bit sad today, as I really didn’t get to do much for my daughter today.  I missed out on changing her nappy as the scheduled times had changed.  I didn’t realise how much I enjoy that time with her being able to do something for her and touching her.  Also Kangaroo Care failed again today.  Eva came out but went back in within a few minutes.  Maybe it’s just me?!?!  I’ll try some Rescue Remedy before I try tomorrow.  In HDU the other parents all have their babies out several times a day, which of course makes me very jealous.   I now realise that today I have had no positive contact with Eva just touching her to help her correct her episodes.  I feel this is why I am sad. 

I did get to give her a feed today which did end in her having the hiccups and then milk coming out of her nose and ending up in the mask!  A little stressful at the time but funny to think about now. 

Eva continues to have moments of slow heart rates and low oxygen levels.  Today she had a few bad episodes that she wasn’t able to resolve herself.  The staff are very calm about it and just turn her over and hold her mouth closed.  This helps to increase the pressure in her lungs and helps with the exchange of oxygen.  Her oxygen usage has again varied greatly today.

I wasn’t able to speak to any doctors today as I didn’t attend the ward round and they weren’t available when I was there.  I will go in early tomorrow to find out what the plan is.  I have been a little frustrated with the nursing staff looking after Eva.  I wish they would give her more experienced nurses.  The past two days she has had nurses who specialise in children not newborns.  Of course they have the general skills needed but I just feel that things are getting missed.  I don’t want to be the complaining parent but I may just say something to the nurse in charge tomorrow to relieve my anxiety. 

As an example the nurse today put a jumpsuit on her to increase her temperature as it was a little low.  Of course this means that you can’t see Eva to check her breathing or colour.  Eva is in a temperature controlled incubator for just this purpose so why she didn’t just adjust that temperature I don’t know!  We do have some photos of her swimming in a small jumpsuit!

Eva continues on her antibiotics.  The poor thing had to have another lumbar puncture (a sample of spinal fluid is taken from the space between her vertebrae in her back) today.  This will help the doctors decide how long she needs to stay on the antibiotics.

Mum visited Eva this afternoon by herself whilst I had a sleep.  Unfortunately Eva wasn’t behaving in this time.  During the visit Eva’s CPAP mask and tubing was replaced.  They found 3 small cracks in the tubing, which may have been causing Eva to need more oxygen than normal.  Hopefully she will improve with this replacement. 

When Andrew and I visited later this evening Eva appeared to be more settled.  Perhaps it’s just Daddy’s calming influence.  Eva tolerated her feed with only a slight decrease in oxygen levels.  She was busy looking up to Daddy and playing with his finger during the feed.  Eva was moving more than I had seen her all day.  We are hoping that she has a better more settled night so that she is in better shape to face tomorrow.  Luckily through all this we are able to sleep overnight ourselves as we are just so tired when we get to bed.  


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