Day 23 – Wednesday December 3rd 2008

Today was a much better day.  I happily report that Eva has shown better behaviour today! Eva was better today and seemed more rested.  Her episodes seem less frequent which is good. 

I had Kangaroo Care for over an hour this afternoon.  To make it more special Nanny and Helen were sitting there with me. Of course I feel much better for having spent skin to skin time with her.  Alison, Eva’s nurse, was keen to get Eva out today which was great because I needed someone to have the confidence.  While out Eva dropped her oxygen levels a couple of times but was able to resolve with just a little prompting.  Eva was very cosy and warm.  Nanny thought it was a pleasure to see Eva out and enjoyed seeing Eva and I enjoy this time together.  Helen had last visited when Eva was just 6 days old so she could see how much Eva had grown and her skin had changed.  Helen was delighted with Eva’s progress to HDU.  The doctor needed to do blood tests but told us that cuddles were more important than blood tests which was good to hear.  Eva had a new blanket today that Auntie Marie sent us. 

Eva now has 11mls of breast milk every two hours and this will increase to 12mls at 1am.  The dietitian made a routine visit today and reviewed Eva.  She was keen for her to increase volume today.  Hopefully Eva will continue to tolerate more food and will now begin to put more weight on. Her weight today was 940g.

The Vancomycin (antibiotic) will continue for 7 days.  The test on her spinal fluid came back clear today, which we are pleased about.  I have been concerned about her oxygen use the past week.  Ziju, the doctor looking after Eva today, was good at explaining to me why she now needs more oxygen.  At birth Eva most likely had some infection which caused her body to react in the normal way with inflammation of her cells.  This caused her lungs to be working better.  After 2 weeks this inflammation has settled down and now we are seeing what her immature lungs are really capable of.  Thus Eva will continue to need the oxygen for a short while. 

The nurse manager happened to come in to visit today.  I asked her to clarify if all the nurses were newborn specialists.  The manager did say that they sometimes use paediatric nurses when they are short staffed.  I suggested that we would be more comfortable with specialist nurses who are more confident with pre term babies.  The manager didn’t really commit to anything but hopefully took some notice.

This afternoon a strange thing happened in HDU.  For about 15 minutes there were no alarms going off.  This has never happened before.  Also the nurses had time to sit down.  This was just so remarkable.  There were only 2 other visitors and it was quiet.  Of course you never say the word quiet as it’s bad karma.  In the 10 beds in HDU there is now only one boy!


One thought on “Day 23 – Wednesday December 3rd 2008

  1. Hello All

    Great to see Eva is doing well and great to have Nanny there as well. All the Harris family are reading along with you and keeping you all in our prayers.

    Lots of love

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