Day 24 – Thursday December 4th 2008

Eva seems to be improving with another good day today.  She seems more settled when lying on her front resting and is more awake when on her back to have her nappy changed.

Andrew has gone to Cardiff for the night for the South England and Wales Christmas dinner.  He visited Eva this morning and did her cares.  No doubt he will miss her and plans to be dropped straight at the hospital on his return form Cardiff tomorrow.

Eva had cuddles with me for about an hour today.  During this time she was wriggling and having short outbursts of crying.  She settled quickly.  When she returned to the crib she was very settled, sleeping soundly with great oxygen levels.  This was great to see, as this is one of the key benefits of Kangaroo Care.  Hopefully she is growing as I write this!

Eva’s weight is down to 920g today.  Her feed wasn’t increased overnight as the instructions from the doctors weren’t clear enough.  On the ward round today Marianne, the Consultant specifically said the feeds should continue to go up as long as Eva is tolerating the increase.  Hopefully this will now happen overnight tonight.  Eva did well with her feeding today although when she was moving about a lot on her back after her nappy change the feed took a long time to go in.  Eva seems less stressed by the pain of reflux so lets pray this continues and she starts to put on some weight!

Marianne was concerned about the indent on Eva’s face due to the mask for the CPAP.  Not that there’s much we can do about that as she needs the CPAP.  Hopefully she can start to wean off of it soon so that her face can recover.  We also have to watch to make sure that her ears are flat under the hat or they can be damaged. 

For those interested in an update on Reuben’s progress he is doing very well and surprising everybody.   I spoke to Gus, his dad who said he was feeling so nervous because they didn’t expect such good progress.  I told Gus that we were sending prayers for Reuben and he was very thankful.  

The weather has been great for Mum’s visit.  Everyday there has been sunshine and blue skies, although sometimes just for a short while.  It certainly makes everything brighter.  Mum has of course been very hard at work as a taxi driver, cook, washing and ironing lady.  Her most important daily task is visiting Eva, which brings her great joy.  Mum was pleased to see her so relaxed and thought she was a better colour. 

I am starting to allow myself to imagine what it might be like to dress her in clothes and be able to cuddle her like a real newborn.  It is lovely to imagine what this might be like.

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers.  No doubt many people across the world will celebrate when our daughter reaches 1kg.


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