Day 25 – Friday December 5th 2008

Eva weighs 1kg!!!!!  We have made it to a significant milestone, which is exciting.  However I feel we may have this excitement again in the near future.  This is because she is having difficulty tolerating her current level of milk so she may drop her weight.  This just means that Daddy will have to make the 1kg cake more than once!

Andrew returned from Cardiff about lunchtime in time to see me do Kangaroo Care.  This is a treat for him as he is usually at work when I have a cuddle.  Eva was quite well behaved and settled whilst cuddling today.  Daddy read “Guess How Much I Love You” to us whilst we were rocking on the chair.  It was lovely time as a family.

The consultant’s opinion of Eva today was watch and wait.  The plan was to increase the feeds again to 13ml every 2 hours.  Overnight Eva had been having bradycardic episodes during her feeds.  However later this afternoon Eva started to not tolerate her feeds as well.  Andrew was only able to feed her 9mls.  The gravity feed was very slow and she ended up vomiting a small amount of milk through her nose and mouth.  The next feed when Nanny was there was just as difficult so the doctor reviewed Eva and it was decided that the 5pm feed would be omitted.

Since then she has also had the 7pm feed omitted.  Daddy again fed her at 9pm.  The feed was slow and then she had a small vomit after just 7mls.  Dan, the doctor came to speak to us to reassure us that it wasn’t anything sinister in his opinion.  He thinks it’s more than likely the reflux caused by Eva having an immature gut.  Dan suggests that Eva tries 9mls again at the 11pm feed and if she tolerates that to go back up to 12mls.  Hopefully her gut will have enjoyed the rest this afternoon and will start to play the game again.  Everyday is just a new challenge for our little girl!

Eva has been officially promoted to HDU.  This means that she is no longer on the larger more detailed observation charts and she has less formal reviews by medical staff overnight.  Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Overall Eva is definitely much better and more settled when lying on her front.  She even sometimes has her free hand underneath her head.  Both Mum and I sleep this way as well!  I am getting more confident about turning her from front to back.  It’s quite strange because you have to hold her head still and move her body. 

It does upset me to hear other babies crying especially the full term babies with loud cries.  It upsets me to think that one day Eva will be crying and I wont be there to comfort her.  The nurses are often busy and unable to spend too much time comforting the babies.

I realise that our camera is a bit out of the ordinary and most people don’t use a camera bigger than their premature baby.  However today I offered to take a photo for the mother next to me and she gave me a disposable camera to take the photo!  I hope that I hid my surprise adequately.

Mum said today that Eva is my Grandma’s 11th Great-Grandchild born on the 11/11.  Isn’t that a great statistic!


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