Day 33 – Saturday December 13th 2008

Eva weighs a kilo!  What excitement when at 6pm this evening we weighed her and the scales tipped to a kilo.  There was quite an audience as the unit is unusually quiet and the medical staff who were there today know Eva very well so were interested.  All she has to do is to keep going upwards.  Daddy is busy baking a Nigella Lawson chocolate cake as I write.

Andrew had Kangaroo Care today and read Eva her special book “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes”.  Daddy was so relaxed that he nearly fell asleep a few times himself on the rocking chair.  It’s just so relaxing it’s easy to close your eyes. 

Today we all went for lunch which was nice as a break from the hospital.  Eva still had varying oxygen saturations today which meant her alarm was ringing often and she was always on oxygen.  Laura, the registrar, assessed Eva today and was happy with her progress.  She found no cause for concern that would be causing her oxygen levels to drop.  The plan is to just continue with the same.

Eva fed well today and seems to be tolerating her 15mls plus fortifier.

Eva had a new blanket today “My First Christmas”.  The unit manager Kay, was looking after Eva this afternoon and commented that we were the baby with the lovely blankets!

There has been good news from Jamie.  The head scan done today has shown an improvement which they are very thankful for.  Thank you for your prayers.

The full term babies in the unit look huge compared to our Eva.  We are so used to her tiny fingers and legs that comparing them to other babies is just hilarious.


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