Day 36 – Tuesday December 16th 2008

Well here we are another week older and wiser with Eva 5 weeks old and 30 weeks gestation.  Grace in the cot next to her had her one month birthday today and Cole in the cot on the other side had his first milk since birth over a week ago.  All in all an exciting day in our corner of the room!

Eva has improved a lot today which Magda, the doctor, attributes to the diuretics started yesterday.  They have taken away any excess fluid on her lungs and heart making it easier for her heart to pump the blood and for her lungs to exchange the oxygen effectively.  Of course this means when she is next weighed all this fluid will be gone so we will more than likely see a dip again.  This means that from here on in the weight she puts on will be real muscle, tissue and fat. 

Magda also explained that there are side effects of diuretics.  Mostly they have to watch her salts to make sure she doesn’t loose to much as she is producing more urine.  Eva is taking sodium phosphate for her bones as the diuretics can deplete it.  Also Eva will need to stay on the diuretics for some time while they are working.  The diuretics are spironalactone and chlorthiazine.  Her folic acid and vitamin B supplements have been stopped as she gets them through the fortifier added to her milk. 

Today Eva has been on room air all day no oxygen!  She now only likes the mask for the CPAP not the nasal prongs.  Previously they have been alternating them every 6 hours but Eva seems to drop her oxygen saturations on the nasal prongs. 

Nanny had another cuddle today with a very well behaved Granddaughter.  Eva just went to sleep on her and relaxed.  Mum was pleased to see her get through Kangaroo Care today without any need for oxygen.  A few times mum did have to hold Eva’s mouth closed.  This makes her breathe through her nose thus giving her more pressure to keep her lungs inflated and more oxygen. 

Lesley the chaplain came to meet Mum, which was lovely.  Lesley is such a gentile personality and a very good listener. 

Yesterday I bought a 1kg bag of apricots which when I opened them last night I realised was the weight of our daughter.  I know Eva is only 1kg but it’s not often that I realised just what that equates to.  This seems strange but she is just Eva and just that small to me as I see her every day.

I felt much better about the day today.  Eva had two very experienced nurses today, which made me feel very confident.  They were both very good at asking me what I felt comfortable doing and what they could do to help me.  Claire even left the full cares for me to do this afternoon instead of doing them herself this morning.  Just these simple things make such a difference to my day. 

Andrew has just returned tonight having changed Eva’s nappy as it seems I left a hole for wee to get out when I last changed her! Of course this is just due to the diuretics and she is weeing more! She has once again pulled out her tube so is now on her fourth for the day.


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