Day 42 – Monday December 22nd 2008

I had two cuddles with my precious Eva today.  Eva had a short cuddle this morning with CPAP on as she was only really out in order to change the incubator.  It needed a change as this morning during nappy change she managed to shoot poo all over the inside end of her incubator – not very nice!  We cuddled again this afternoon for an hour off of CPAP but with oxygen through her nose.  The doctors are happy with this and think it is the next step for her.  She does get tired at the end of the hour and is pleased to go back on the machine.  We sung Christmas Carols and read “The Night Before Christmas”.

Today Eva’s weight is 1075g.  Now that her weight is increasing so does her feed volume.  Eva now has 17ml two hourly.  She is also having Gaviscon after her feed to help with her reflux, which seems to be troubling her again.  Please send her growing thoughts.

Today I saw her suck her hand for the first time when one of the nurses, Chris, put Eva’s fingers in her mouth.  I am excited to see her enjoying sucking something other than her feeding tube!

Eva had her eyes tested this afternoon.  I was there while they put eyedrops in to dilate her pupils but I didn’t stay for the test.  This is not to check how well Eva sees, she didn’t have to read out the alphabet, but to ensure that the structure of the eye is developing normally.  In premature babies the process of blood vessels growing can be disturbed. We heard nothing from the Opthalmologist and we are told that we will only hear if there are concerns, so far so good.

Andrew was very pleased to walk in at 6pm to see his two beautiful girls having a cuddle.  It was almost like a normal situation with a newborn baby, something he may find arriving home from work!  He had also found it hard to leave both of us in the morning to go to work.  We are really starting to feel like a family.   


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