Day 46 – Friday December 26th 2008

We started today with a sleep in for us to try and catch up on some sleep.  We may seem like bad parents but we didn’t actually spend much time at the hospital today.  My heart ached to be away from her for so long but we did need to go shopping so that we had stuff ready for her to come home.  I have allowed myself to think that yes I will be bringing her home and will need some stuff. 

We now have some more pink clothes, a change table and mat and storage containers so we are progressing.  I now have a lot of pink in my life and it’s only going to continue Andrew assures me. 

Eva spent 12 hours off of CPAP today as she was tolerating it so they left her off.  When they put her back on she didn’t fight and she was just sleeping soundly.  She is obviously getting tired and using lots of energy to breathe.  When Eva is free of her mask she enjoys being active but still rests a little.  She is off from 6am to 6pm so it gives us the daytime free of CPAP, which is great.

Now Eva’s needs to balance learning to breathe on her own whilst still gaining weight.  Tomorrow is weigh day.  Eva has been on more milk but has had more time off of CPAP so we will see what effect both of those things have on her weight.  Dr Laura (who looked after her when she was born) came to see us for a social visit today and can’t believe that Eva is already 31 weeks old.  Laura thinks that Eva is doing really well.

I had an hour cuddle today which is just what I needed after missing her.  Eva was very rested but breathing faster than normal showing that she was getting a little tired.

Andrew and I both shed a tear this evening when we found out that the little boy next to us was going home.  Oliver was born with a weakened diaphragm and thus his abdominal organs were sitting in his chest space and had restricted the space for his lungs to grow.  His parents were given a 50:50 chance of his survival.  He was successfully operated on at 3 days of age and is well enough to go home 5 days later.  His parents had not bought anything for his arrival so now have to go shopping for everything for their little miracle.  Andrew and I were jealous of these parents being able to take their little boy home.  One day we will be able to do that too! 

This evening I had a brief lesson from Andrew in the shopping centre car park on driving a manual car.  I don’t enjoy driving so I have always been lazy and driven an automatic.  The problem with this is that in the UK the rental cars are all manual so I can’t drive them.  Not only did I drive around the car park but also I made it home (3km) only stalling it twice!  Now Andrew thinks that tomorrow I should progress to driving to the hospital.  The problem with this is that St Michaels Hospital is on top of a hill with a set of lights at the bottom!  I think that giant hill starts may be a problem on the first day.  I’ll let you know the progress tomorrow. Amazing the things you do for a premature baby!


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