Day 48 – Sunday December 28th 2008

I had a lovely time cuddling Eva for 4 hours today.  I just love the smell and feel of her.  She stays so warm just cuddling against my skin.  I even held her down in my arms looking up whilst she was awake so we could get a good look at her.  Her face shape is changing without the pressure of the mask.  Eva is now 14 hours without CPAP.  She is doing really well, although she did have a few bradycardias this afternoon but Dr David was not concerned about these.

Daddy made Eva’s change table today and it now has stuff underneath it and on it.  We have made space in our chest of drawers for Eva’s clothes and Andrew has put them into size order.  It’s exciting but it’s still a little while until we get to dress her up.

Grace is back into the cot next to us.  She was taken to ICU the other night and had a blood transfusion.  Grace now appears to be much better and weighs more than Eva!  Kyren, her older brother, was very excited that the two girls were back next to each other.

This morning we spoke to my sister Suzanne who will be arriving on January 8th. It is exciting to have another visitor coming soon. Our friend Merryn from Melbourne will also be visiting us in January. It is nice to be getting a string of visitors who we can show Eva off to!


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