Day 50 – Tuesday December 30th 2008

Today Eva is 32 weeks gestation and we are at the start of the 8th week!  I made a cake to celebrate her 50 days.  Its pure bribery so that the nurses forget how annoying and demanding we are!  We are both feeling a little calmer today.  We enjoyed having Chris as Eva’s nurse this morning to have someone we trust answer our questions. 

When we left Eva tonight she had been breathing on her own for 39hours.  So far so good!  We are realistic however that if she struggles she will need to go back on.  Today Eva has had a few bradycardias and low oxygen levels but nothing she didn’t correct by herself.  Most of these episodes were while she was out in Kangaroo Care with me which it seems she was finding too much today.  I even took Rescue Remedy before cuddles and tried to send lots of loving vibes.  Hopefully it will be better the next time.

A big step for today is that she can now wear clothes.  Eva is getting very clever at regulating her own temperature so isn’t relying so much on the air of the incubator.  It was exciting to dress her in her oversized pink outfit but also strange seeing as she has always been naked.  Today’s outfit is for 1.5 to 2.5kg.  At least with premature babies they take longer to grow so they get more wear out of their clothes!

Also Eva is now having a dummy to suck on for feeds and if she is restless.  This encourages her sucking with that feeling of fullness in her tummy and is instead of the 1ml milk.  Chris, today’s nurse, was concerned that we are risking Eva inhaling milk into her lungs.  I had also been a little concerned about this so was happy to stop on her advice.  Also if Eva has the dummy when she is restless it stops her from burning up too much energy.  It will then be taken away when she is quiet.

Chris reassured us today that Eva needs to gain some more weight before she leaves High Dependency to go to Nursery.  We are hoping that Eva has been thinking heavy thoughts before her weigh in tomorrow morning.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Tori, a lovely nurse who was helping with the eye examinations, asked us how Eva’s hair had changed colour so quickly?!  She thought maybe we had dyed it to achieve to ginger look.  Andrew said from minutes after Eva’s birth that she was a red head.

The driving is frustrating and still I feel pointless when automatic cars exist. I am persisting as it seems Andrew thinks it is an essential skill.

Andrew had an hour in a flotation room this afternoon for some relaxing.  We have previously used float tanks in Queenstown.  They are great for clearing your mind and switching off.  The flotation room didn’t work quite as well but Andrew still definitely feels much more relaxed.  He is busy trying to catch up on some work for a few hours a day during his holidays.  Eva’s unexpected arrival put him a little behind schedule. 

I went to town to do some further shopping.  I managed to get a few things from my list without too many Eva purchases.  It is very hard to resist those little clothes though!

We hope now for a few days of Eva’s breathing stabilising and some wonderful growth. We know that God is watching over all of us and that many of you continue to send prayers and supportive thoughts.  We all really appreciate your kindness. 


One thought on “Day 50 – Tuesday December 30th 2008

  1. Have been catching up with your blog. Please know that our North Carolina prayers continue for all of you! Your love for Eva and each other is so evident…keep up the grand parenting and advocating for your precious little one ~ may 2009 bring you nothing but joy!!!

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