Day 54 – Saturday January 3rd 2009

What a lovely day with Eva today.  Eva met Miss Jo from Australia and took my nipple in her mouth for the first time.  I had a lovely cuddle today with my bra off for the first time so that Eva was more comfortable.  She seemed to settle very well today.  I guess it was quiet and I was certainly more relaxed.

Miss Jo was very excited about meeting little Eva after reading so much about her.  Jo thought she was bigger than she expected from the photos!  Jo says she’s a little cutie.  Miss Jo’s not convinced about her red hair thinking it’s more blonde.  Miss Jo came with a digital SLR and took lots of photos of Eva so she must be thinking “Not another person with a big camera!”.

Breast feeding was a lovely experience today with Eva taking my nipple into her mouth and having the occasional suck before sleeping again.  Andrew gave her a tube feed while she lay at my breast.  What a rude shock it will be for her when she has to work for her food!  The staff left us alone today which was nice.  They are available for advice but we were ok today.  Eva’s cot is in the corner, which is more comfortable. Her runny nose yesterday does seem to be due to the naso-gastric tube rather than a cold so that is good.

We are enjoying being in Nursery where it is much quieter.  It is always nice when people are with Eva so that when I am expressing she is not alone.  It certainly makes me more relaxed.  Also she now does not have the 3 blue sensors for her monitoring which stick to her chest and leg.  All she has now is the glowing red oxygen saturation monitor.  It is so nice to be getting closer to Eva having no machines attached.

We realised that with yesterday’s weight Eva is now double her lowest weight.  She has gained 100% of her bodyweight.  Eva really is clever!

We have just got back from dinner with Miss Jo and a drive to se the Clifton Suspension Bridge which is lit at night. However due to the fact that it is -4 we didn’t get out of the car preferring to stay warm and healthy. Again appreciated the free babysitting service!


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