Day 59 – Thursday January 8th 2009

Suzanne arrived to meet Eva today.  Eva was delighted to meet her Aunty and had some good awake time to say hello!  Suzanne thought that she was very beautiful.  The most amazing thing was that she looked exactly the same as the photos except you imagine she is fragile when in fact she is not.   Suzanne was shocked to see how the nurse handled Eva, which we don’t notice anymore.  Eva isn’t actually more fragile just small.  She is small but perfect and has a sense of being and strength.

Eva is up to 1.385kg (3lb 1oz), which is an excellent weight gain.  Also this means she is up to 23mls of milk every 2 hours and is digesting this.  Eva had two breast feeds today, morning and afternoon.  She didn’t seem to take as much today.  Suzanne was surprised at how well Eva sucked.  The nurses feed her via the tube while she is at my breast after about 15 mins of sucking so that Eva associates a full tummy with being at my breast.  It must be very hard work for her to feed, as she was fast asleep for Andrew’s evening visit. 

Yesterday Eva had a routine head scan.  It showed that the bleeds that she had at birth (normal for premature babies) are resolving and look better.  This morning Eva was a bit sniffly so Nikki suctioned her nose and sent off the contents to check for infection as a precaution although she was fine this afternoon. 

After discussing the removal of the Boost alarm that measures Eva’s oxygen levels with Nikki, the nurse, Vem, the doctor and I realised that we shouldn’t really be pushing for it to come off.  We are sick of the sound of the alarm after weeks but really the breathing centre of the brain may not be fully developed until 35 weeks so it is safest to leave it on.  Also Eva enjoys being on her front, which gives her rest and makes her breathing easier.  Without this monitor she cannot be on her front at all. Of course when she grows bigger and goes into an open cot she must be always on her back.

Louis, a premature baby who was due to go the transition ward on Monday went back into HDU overnight as he had two episodes where he stopped breathing.  Of course this reminds us that nothing is certain and that prayers are always needed for Eva to keep strong and keep going in the right direction.  


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