Day 60 – Friday January 9th 2009

This afternoon I had an extra long cuddle with my Aunty Suzanne and I told her what it’s been like in here for me today.

Dad came in this morning looking very smart in his grey suit, he popped in to check on me before going off to run “The Ibis”.  He was really pleased that the two nurses taking care of me were Chris and Tori, they really know their stuff.  I was awake for Dad’s visit and I loved the way he spoke to me –his voice sounds very different to all those women. He put his strong hand around my head and it was very cosy.

I have the company of Grace beside me and Ruben is next to her. Facing us there is Kyran-Lee and Safa.  This room is very peaceful generally as there are only a few monitors compared with the other rooms I’ve been in. I’ve still got the boost alarm, which monitors my oxygen saturation level, it only makes a noise every now and then.  I think it will be on for a little while yet.

Mum came in quite early, I love hearing her soft voice, I was asleep when she came in but `it was nearly time for my “cares`’.  I really love hearing her voice, I know she is helping me but why does she keep persisting with the wetting and washing of my ears and my face!  There was a special talk about me today and basically the outcome of this was that all the doctors are very happy with my weight gain they are increasing my dose of caffeine in proportion with my weight.  I am doing a great job of growing at the moment.

A wonderful thing has been happening for a few days, Mum not only gives me cuddling time, but we have both been trying the art of breast feeding.  It is just so good to get the milk that way.  At the moment we are enjoying this beautiful time together, I am finding it tiring but it is amazing.  As I get stronger I am sure we’ll be able to feed this way each time.  I can’t wait!

Mum and Aunty Suzanne came in later on, it was like a sauna in the room by then, the nurses like to make it cosy for us – must help me and the other babies grow faster.  Again `mum fed me, I sucked on and off for 25minutes which was great.  Then I had my tube feed and was well and truly exhausted.  Mum went to express and help some of the other mother’s as some of them need some more information.  I had the most relaxing cuddle with my aunty.  We had a chat for a while and then she snuggled around me and we enjoyed each other’s heartbeats.

Mum and Dad came in for a while tonight but I was sound asleep, it has been another beautiful day! 


One thought on “Day 60 – Friday January 9th 2009

  1. Hello little Eva. You sure know what’s going on don’t you?. When you are much bigger, we must enjoy some caffeine together – but you’ll get to like babychinos first. I am so very glad that you and Mummy now know what breast feeding is all about. You know, it’s just as much fun for Mum as for you! Keep growing big and strong little one. Much love, Mimmy.

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