Day 63 – Monday January 12th 2009

A day of changes for our beautiful Eva.  Medications changed and monitoring changed getting us closer to the door.

The ward round today was with Karen, the Consultant who is in Nursery for the next two weeks.  She decided that Eva no longer needs the monitoring of her oxygen levels and heart rate.  Therefore the Boost monitor has been removed.  This means that there is no longer an alarm frequently going off in our ear.  It also means that Eva can no longer be placed on her stomach so she will be on her back always now.  Eva now has an apnoea alarm connected to her with a sensor on her stomach.  This will alarm if Eva goes longer than 20 seconds without a breath.  It is normal for full term newborns to have apnoeas this long as well. 

Karen decided to stop the Thixo D, which is the thickener that has been added to the breast milk.  The purpose of the thickener was to make the milk heavier (like concrete) so that it prevents her refluxing it.  Hopefully now her reflux has settled down and Eva will tolerate feeds without this.  Eva remains on the Gaviscon after feeds. 

Karen also halved the dose of her diuretics.  She would prefer Eva to go home without these as we would need to have weekly blood tests.  We pray that Eva is stable and tolerates this change.  Hopefully she now is strong enough to breathe well without the support of these medications.

Eva’s weight today was 1.465kg!  She must be enjoying some milk from me and using it as extra to gain more weight.  Eva fed fantastically for one feed and well for the next.  For the first feed Eva only needed 5mls as a top up with her medications.  Her tube feeds have gone up to 24mls every 2 hours.  Dawn, the nursing assistant, told me that of all the premature babies of Eva’s gestation and size she is the best breast feeder she has seen!  How lovely and confidence boosting that is.

It looks like a rough plan is for Eva to go into a heated open air cot this week, I think after Wednesday’s weigh.  Then possibly Eva will go to 3 hourly feeds at the start of next week.  After that if she is stable Eva and I will stay on ward 76 together for some practice before we are allowed home.  It is all becoming a little bit real but I am still realistic that Eva has many goals to achieve before we bring her through the front door.

Eva had her eyes checked again today and all is good thus far.  She will have them checked again next week.

Aunty Suzanne did a nappy change and had a cuddle today.  Suzanne just thinks Eva is so beautiful and loves to smell her sweet smell. 

This afternoon Grace our neighbour from HDU moved into Nursery.  This is very exciting as it is great progress for her.  However she did bring with her the Boost alarm so we had only 1 short hour without any alarm in the room! 


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