Day 66 – Thursday January 15th 2009

Eva has met another Australian to help her with her accent.  Merryn arrived to visit Eva today armed with essential Australian supplies such as Cherry Ripes, White Knights and Tim Tams, which of course Eva will enjoy through my breast milk.

 Eva has taken a big step forward going to 3 hourly feeds today.  Of course this decision was only made at 4pm so we haven’t actually seen if she tolerates this.  Eva will have a few feeds at 30mls, then a few at 35mls then she will be up to 37mls.  This is an exciting step forward towards going home.

Poor Eva had her immunisations today.  She had to have injections in both thighs.  Eva was relatively good just two big cries but settled after with the help of glucose drops.  Later this afternoon she had some paracetamol as she was grizzly like all babies when they have their immunisations.

Eva has several nurses and doctors come and see her for a social visit.  They like to see how she is progressing.  It really is like an extended family having seen these people every day for the past 9 weeks.  Everyone commented on her bright coloured cardigan and hat yesterday knitted by Nanny.  I think however it may only fit her for a week.   

Merryn’s Guest Spot: Hi Mum, hi Ruth. Yes, Eva is gorgeous and very cute. Although Marnie says she was having a ‘grumpy’ day she looked and sounded like any other newborn. In fact if my new niece/nephew cries only this much I’ll be happy to babysit anytime! Eva was very cuddly and happy to come and have a cuddle with a fellow Aussie, which was a lovely treat. She now even has her own Cuddly Koala so she can grow up like a regular Aussie kid!

Andrew has just arrived home having had a lovely cuddle with Eva his first time since she has been in the cot.  We both just feel so delighted to be at this stage and have the opportunity to cuddle her more on the days she needs it. 


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