Day 68 – Saturday January 17th 2009

A very relaxing day for us all today.  We started with shopping for Eva’s benefit of course.  Suzanne and family bought us a Kari-Me sling. Andrew and I decided that seeing as we all enjoy Kangaroo care so much a sling would be a great way to continue holding her close.  It is a lovely turquoise colour and we can’t wait to use it.

 Andrew and I headed up to the hospital to find Eva lying with her eyes open awaiting our arrival. We wish we could wake up to this sight rather than waiting until we get to the hospital.  Eva was not very interested in breastfeeding today and I’m hoping she is using her energy to grow instead.  It seems she knows that she gets fed by the tube so why should she put all the effort into breastfeeding.  I hope tomorrow she has a little bit more energy. 

Eva had Marie a very lovely French nurse assistant who was very organised and gave us much confidence. Today we repeated her hand and foot prints.  There is a definite increase in size but not as much as we had anticipated. 

Andrew enjoyed cuddles twice with Eva today along with her pink teddy bear comforter while I was expressing. We are using the teddy bear to give Eva a link between hospital and home.  It will be something she has become familiar with in hospital that she will bring home.

Suzanne visited Eva on her own once again in the afternoon.  Whilst it is very tempting to cuddle Eva all the time she resisted like a good sensible Aunty! It was very peaceful in the room with babies coming and going but no machines beeping in the background. She quite enjoyed the entertainment of the nursing staff engaging in friendly banter today.   The atmosphere is much more relaxed on the weekends.

Baby Grace today moved to a hot cot much to her mothers delight! I plan to take a photo of Eva and Grace tomorrow to remind us of the special time they have spent together.


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