Day 74 – Friday January 23rd 2008

Life here on 76 continues much the same.  Overnight Eva had alternate breast and tube feeds as the midwife thought she could cope.  In the morning, when I was more awake and had spoken to the Community Neonatal Nurse, I decided that I really did want to stick to 2 tubes and 1 breast. I don’t want to rush Eva and tire her out and also want to make sure that she is getting enough calories and fluid. 

This evening when Andrew picked Eva up she was awake and rooting for a feed so I put her on before her schedule.  Now after two days Eva’s schedule is an hour earlier.  Last night I slept well in between feeds, even having to be woken for her feed once. 

There is quite a tactic about the dining room. To get the best choice of hospital food you really need to get there early.  All the mums from 76 go early so the nursery is full at the start of meal times.  I don’t find the food too bad although I’m sure I will get sick of it. 

It’s a novelty being able to walk around with Eva and push her around in her cot.  I haven’t done either of these things before coming to 76.  It’s fun to be with her all the time.  I am actually having time to read, which I haven’t done for 10 weeks!  If only I knitted I could be whipping up a cardigan!

A lovely nurse from downstairs, Tori, came to visit socially today.  It was nice to see her and have a chat with her whilst she was relaxed although still in her workplace. 

I saw Grace’s parents, Claire and Barry today.  Grace has improved today and appears to be responding to the antibiotics.  Claire said the doctors are happy with progress in the right direction.  Claire commented that all the staff have been wonderful, making them feel like a family to her.  Please continue prayers for Grace.

Andrew is very excited that today is Friday and he has the weekend to look forward to spending time with his girls. 

Eva still fits into her smallest clothes although I notice they are getting a little short in the length.  They still need some filling out.  Tomorrow is weigh day which will also affect her tube/breast feed pattern depending on the result.


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