Day 75 – Saturday January 24th 2009

As I am sitting here with Andrew and Eva typing this I realise that I can’t wait to be home. Andrew and I went out for coffee today, which was my first break from the hospital. The doctors and midwives have encouraged me to have breaks. It felt funny being out without her, like we were back to being in Nursery. I think I will try to get out daily while Eva is having tube feeds.

In the early hours of this morning Eva was unsettled after her feed and took a while to settle. This is unusual for her as she is normally so quiet. I guess she is learning to be a newborn! This is the start of many wakeful moments. Eva’s weight is up to 1.820kg today. A good increase of 80g over the past two days. Eva has added 1kg to her birth weight and has surpassed the 4lb mark. Today I put on her colourful cardigan, which really was a stretch. I think this will be the last wear until Eva puts it on her dolls! Luckily another cardigan arrived in the post lovingly knitted by Amy from ward 17. It even has a groovy pocket sewn onto it.

Eva moved out of her Hot Cot today. She made the move because she had been able to maintain her temperature over the past 24 hours. Since the move Eva has been a little cold and has had to rug up with her cardigan and hat and a thick blanket. Eva and I had an hour of skin-to-skin Kangaroo Care with me to try an increase her temperature. She has a 12-hour challenge and will go back into the hot cot if she remains below temperature, as she will be burning up too much energy. Just before her 8 o’clock feed Eva had to go back to the hot cot as her temperature was dropping. We did however find when changing hr nappy it was very wet which was not helping her maintain her temperature. At least she will be able to focus on growing and breastfeeding for the next few days now.

Eva’s increased weight means that her tube feed volume has increased to 46mls. Yesterday Eva was having very small vomits after her tube feeds. I wondered if her stomach had reduced in volume during the 24 hours of breast feeding as she had had no problems recently in Nursery with tolerating feeds. Anyway the last two tube feeds seem to be back to normal with no vomits.

Everybody that passes Eva says how little she is. It’s nice to have people pay attention. Next to us today has arrived an Indian woman with a full term baby at just 2.5kg. She does look much bigger than Eva although we are getting closer to that every day.

Grace is slowly improving which is great news! It is just a waiting game now for Grace and her family but we hope she continues improving each day. Please continue prayers for Grace.


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