Day 77 – Australia Day 2009

Eva has celebrated her first Australia Day despite the fact that she has never been and doesn’t hold a passport she was definitely Australian today!  I dressed Eva in her first Bonds wondersuit (even though it is a little large), and her new yellow cardigan and green hat. 

We had a social day.  Laura, the doctor came to visit Eva and was happy with her progress.  Laura had her first cuddle since being at Eva’s birth.  Tori also came to visit from downstairs.  I went back to SCBU to visit Liesel, Mark and Jamie who were in for Jamie’s head scan.  Also whilst there I caught up with Claire, Grace’s mum.  Grace is doing much better today although it is still a long road.  We found out tonight she has come off the ventilator anf is on low-flow oxygen so that is great progress!  This evening Helen came to visit and held Eva for the first time.  A big change from the baby she saw when Eva was 14hours old.

Eva seems to have matured into a baby that is not really sure about sleep in the night.  Last night she was very unsettled.  I wonder if it is due to her reflux.  Of course she settles with a cuddle, which Andrew assures me he is happy to do when we get home.  It’s funny getting used to the changes in her compared to her behaviour in the incubator!  I am hoping to get some more sleep tonight. 

Eva’s feeding continues to go well.  Her weight today was stable which is what we expected with the move to more breast feeds which take more of Eva’s energy.  


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