Day 82 – Saturday January 31st 2009

We are at day 82!  I wonder will we be in here for Day 100?  Today has been a very relaxing family day hiding in our own quiet room.  It’s almost like being at home.  Andrew says it is much easier to cope with having our own space.  Andrew put together a crib given to us by one of his work colleagues and it is sitting by the bed ready for us to come home. 

Eva has feed erratically today with 1 good feed and 2 average feeds.  Overnight she was really unsettled from 4 -6.  I was wishing we were at home and Andrew could take her.  It was the first time she has ever been it total darkness.  In the end I propped open the bathroom door so that she had some light but that didn’t help.

I spoke to Mum and Dad this morning, which was lovely.  I have left the building 3 times today even though it is cold.  The staff are very encouraging of this time out.

This morning there was a beautiful red/pink sunrise over the City of Bristol.  On Monday when Ruth and Bob arrive it is forecast to be heavy snow.  The heat wave and bushfires in South East Australia have made it to the BBC World News.  We hope that you are all keeping cool and hydrated.  It’s impossible for us to imagine 45 degrees at the moment.  We are thankful that Eva will be warm and safe in here with this cold snap coming.


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