Thank You!

We would like to thank you all for your amazing love and support during this journey. We could not have done it without your prayers, thoughts and kind wishes. You have all carried Eva and ourselves through the ups and the downs and shared the joys. It would not have been the same without all the comments and emails to keep us inspired.

Eva has proved to us that she is very strong willed and determined. She is very precious to us and we feel God has given us a wonderful gift. Looking back we can’t believe how challenging the start to her life was. We are forever thankful for the blessed journey we have had so far. We look forward to getting to know Eva in the coming weeks and months.


Day 105 – Monday February 23rd 2009

We are home with our gorgeous daughter! What a long wait it has been for this day to finally arrive.  Eva chose to wait until nearly her due date to grace our home with her presence.  Wonderfully Grace and Eva left St Michael’s at exactly the same time after the journey they have been on together.  It was really a lovely moment to be sharing with Claire and Barry after our girls were born 5 days apart.

The whole day was one of quiet excitement as the reality of taking Eva home was drawing near.  Eva weighed 2.10kg, which is an increase of 20g meaning that we can be discharged.  Dr Laura came to visit after her night duty and was relieved that all was well and we would be going.  Dr Manal came to do a final check and printed out Eva’s discharge summary letter, which is 6 pages long!

The nursing staff ordered some more medications from the pharmacy to make sure that we had enough to keep us going for over a week.  When at home we will need to get repeat prescriptions from the GP and then have them filled at the pharmacy.  Of course even this could be a challenge as they may not normally have these type of medications. 

Eva had her eyes checked this afternoon.  The area of concern has faded so Eva needs no further follow up, which is a great relief.  Of course it is always unpleasant for Eva to have her eyes checked, however today was the first time we have heard her scream.  Luckily Daddy was on hand to give her a cuddle afterwards!

We rugged Eva up in a warm growsuit, cardigan, hat and a snow suit to put her in the car seat.  Of course all these layers meant we had to extend the straps and she couldn’t move.  Eva and Grace slept soundly through the whole procedure.  They both look lost in their car seats.  Andrew very proudly carried Eva to the car and we managed to put the seat in without too much drama.

Luckily we had a mild day at 11 degrees but Eva was still cold when we came inside.  Luckily Daddy was on hand to offer warming up cuddles. 

Day 104 – Sunday February 22nd 2009

Eva had her first bath today and she rather liked it.  Eva calmly lay in the water and enjoyed it being gently splashed over her.  She wasn’t even bothered by the hair washing.  Pauline, the nurse, did her bath in order that it was done quickly to reduce heat loss.  It was very cute to watch her enjoying this comfortable experience. 

Eva is keeping her temperature well without a hat, which is great news for our impending discharge.  We have purchased another type of bottle today as yesterday’s bottle made her drink too quickly and have small vomits. 

Grace and her mother Claire have moved into the ward tonight which is great.  They may only be here for one night as Grace has progressed so well on her bottle feeding down on SCBU.

Andrew and I enjoyed going to Church this morning.  The Queen’s Chaplain, George Kavoor spoke about the wicked people and how they get their way in the world.  We put in a Praise Report to tell people about Eva’s imminent homecoming.  Pastor Pete has organised for the church to shout us to dinner this evening to celebrate Eva’s journey. 

It is with much excitement that we go to bed tonight with the thought of maybe going home tomorrow!  Please keep Eva’s continued good health in your prayers.