Day 83 – Sunday February 1st 2009

We are both feeling tired on an emotional level today.  It is February and we just want our beautiful girl home.  Eva’s due date is in 24 days, we are sure we will be home by then.  I managed to avoid hospital food for 4 meals in a row, which is lovely.  Today was cold with a strong wind and sunshine so it was very refreshing to get out.

I was most sad about Eva’s weight, it stayed the same.  The staff have all been supportive saying that at least she didn’t lose.  It just so frustrating and I feel inhibiting us leaving this building.  In retrospect maybe Eva would have been better with a longer stay in the Nursery downstairs.  We will never know. 

Also today Eva dropped her temperature to 36.1, it should be 36.5 – 37.0.  I held her to me in Kangaroo Care just skin to skin and she warmed straight up to 37.1.  It was very cosy and comforting to be helping her like that.  It’s unusual as Eva’s temperature control has been great lately.  It seems the room has cooled off today with radiator not as warm as it should be.  She now has many layers on like a little Eskimo. 

On a very exciting note Eva will meet Gran and Pop after one more sleep.  Andrew will be looking forward to his parent’s arrival to help him with running the house.  He has done a wonderful job with prompt return of washing including everything freshly ironed!

Hilary, a community Neonatal Nurse, was working on 76 last night and tonight.  At the start of each shift she has spent time with us answering any questions and concerns.  Of course she is not concerned about today’s weight.  Also she brought me a book “Breastfeeding special care babies” as she knows that I am concerned that I am holding Eva back with the choice to breastfeed rather than bottle. 

Andrew and I have been reading some books about premature babies. It is very interesting to see that what we have been through is normal and even easier than others have it.  We are of course looking for information about going home.  It seems that Eva needs to stay at home for about 3 weeks to adjust to a new environment.  After that she needs to stay away from crowded places such as shops and church for another 3 weeks.  It makes me realise that being in here actually gives me more freedom than when I get home.


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