Day 84 – Monday February 2nd 2009

It snowed today!  A little bit in Bristol but a lot in London causing chaos but luckily allowing Ruth and Bob to land.  It is of course the first time Eva has seen snow.  I am glad we were here in the warmth to enjoy the sight of snow.

Eva had her eyes routinely checked today.  For the first time this test has picked up some very small vessels that have not grown properly since her last check 2 weeks ago.  The ophthalmologist isn’t too concerned about this change.  Eva will have another check next Monday.

Today Grace’s mum, Claire, came for a coffee. She was pleased to see Eva and find out about 76 where she and Grace will come eventually.  It was lovely catching up on what our girls have been up to lately.  It is a shame not to see each other daily after such a long journey together. I went to visit Grace today and she is looking really cute and smiling.  All the staff in SCBU were interested to know how Eva is doing which was nice.

Eva was very unsettled after her 4am feed and didn’t let me have much sleep.  Luckily seeing as I am in a single room I managed to sleep after breakfast until the 10am feed.  It really is nice being somewhere relatively quiet.

Gran and Pop have just arrived to see Eva.   We snuck them into the visitor’s room as it was just after visiting hours.  Gran’s tears flowed as she realised that Eva was smaller than she thought.  Gran found Eva very light to pick up.  They were relieved to see her looking like a perfect baby without any wires.  Pop thinks Eva looks like me whereas I think she looks like her Daddy.  Pop thinks her legs are powerful and she is a fighter!


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