Day 85 – Tuesday February 3rd 2009

Eva is 37 weeks gestation today she would have been considered full term if born now!  We have been on this journey with Eva for 12 weeks.  Life has changed a lot in 12 weeks.  Andrew thinks that this feels like the longest week seeing as we are getting so close to going home. 

Today we were very excited when Eva weighed in at 1.86kg (4lb4oz).  This was an increase of 80g in two days, which was amazing.  She did go on the scales 3 times to check the result.  Due to this increase Eva has been promoted to the next step in the feeding regime.  This is two breast feeds then a tube feed.  Today Eva has managed two of these routines so far today.  We only pray she continues to enjoy this pattern and grow.

Of course with this positive weight and the feeding progress I am feeling much better.  I have finished another novel, which is great because being in here is the first opportunity to read since Eva’s birth.  Also I have been enjoying the Breastfeeding book only I wish I read it 12 weeks ago.  It has some good tips about positioning a little baby and about expressing.  Of course my expressing is decreasing which is lovely after 12 weeks.  However my left is still down in volume on my right, which nobody seems to have a solution for.  Hopefully as Eva demands more they will equalise. 

Gran and Pop enjoyed long cuddles today and taking photos of their newest granddaughter.  They are tired from their very long journey and will be feeling better after a good sleep. 

Maybe after a settled period of this new feeding we will try without the hot cot.  I didn’t want to try today as we only make one change per day.

There was more snow today although a lot has melted. For the worst snow in 18 years the country came to a standstill.  It was very pretty and Andrew had the opportunity to take some great shots.

Andrew has a new lens, which he has had great fun taking detailed shots of Eva.  He has been desperate for this lens since her birth and will enjoy it very much now.

This evening Eva was blessed with many gifts that Mummy and Daddy had to open.  She has a lovely new range of clothes!  Luckily we have a single room to enjoy this time together seeing as we are not home yet.  


One thought on “Day 85 – Tuesday February 3rd 2009

  1. Wonderful to see Ruth and Bob finally there. Go Eva – keep stacking on that weight and you and Mummy will be able to go home!

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