Day 86 – Wednesday February 4th 2009

We have reached our 2 weeks here on ward 76.  Before we arrived I told myself it would be 2 weeks thinking really it would be a shorter stay!  It hasn’t actually been too bad especially with my own room but being home would of course be so much better.

This morning while I was at Breakfast and Eva was in the Nursery she was moved out of her Hot Cot.  The maternity assistant who was keen to do it yesterday obviously thought that I was going to stall her again today.  It was a surprise for me and Eva has done really well.  Although to maintain her temperature she is dressed up with many layers and wearing a hat.  As she gets used to it we have to strip off the layers to make sure that she can cope.  With each temperature change she uses energy so we have to try and keep her stable.  Another reason she really can’t go out when she first gets home.

Eva has fed really well today. In fact she did 3 breast feeds in a row because she politely asked for the third.  It is amazing to see her becoming more proficient each day with her sucking.  Eva seems to like the underarm position on the left and the traditional position on the right.  I bought a very comfortable cushion which helps support her.  I can’t imagine how to position a full size wriggling newborn.

Dr Manobi reviewed Eva today.  She seemed to do a very thorough review in preparation for discharge. Manobi took blood samples, listened to her heart that has no murmur, listened to her chest where her lungs sound good and did a full physical examination.  Eva needs another routine headscan and her eyes checked again Monday.  Manobi did all this while I was out and was cracking up about how many poppers she had on her clothes and how many layers she had on!

Eva had some cute awake time for Gran and Pop this afternoon with eyes wide open.  These wakeful times are still few but are increasing.  She has enjoyed a cuddle with Gran and Pop today.  Eva really does enjoy being in the Kangaroo Care position where she is most settled but it means that the holder really can’t see her. 

Lesley and Vron, the chaplains, visited Eva today.  Lesley even got to have a cuddle, which is very special for her seeing as she has visited us at least weekly on this journey and has said many prayers for Eva. 

I went for a walk to Gloucester Road today to the organic shop to buy myself some teas and licorice.  It was a mild day today and the sun even came out so I could take off my scarf and hat.  I was getting cabin fever after not leaving the building for 2 days.  Apparently tomorrow is going to be more awful weather.


One thought on “Day 86 – Wednesday February 4th 2009

  1. Lovely to see so many photos of Eva doing full term baby stuff now. Would you like some of our heat to conteract the cold? You are welcome to it!

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