Day 87 – Thursday February 5th 2009

I feel a bit tired today.  I think it is physical and emotional tiredness.  I realised today when Dr Manobi had a chat with me that Eva will be a premature baby at home too!  I know it sounds silly but I thought that when I would take her home she would be a normal baby.  I now see that actually there will always be stuff happening with her; bloods to be taken, being extra vigilant about infections etc.  Also last night Andrew and I were starting to think about early next week as a discharge but I realised today that this is unrealistic.  As Andrew reminded me Eva is very small!

Today was weigh day and Eva again increased to 1.88kg (4lb4oz).  Dr Manobi and the nursing staff decided that Eva needed a challenge to go up to Breast Assess which is breast feeding fully.  Eva averages 25 minutes so if she does less than 10 minutes she needs a top up via her tube.  So far she has done less than 10 minutes once. 

Dr Manobi reviewed Eva’s blood results today.  Eva still needs the phosphate for her bones to strengthen.  Today her potassium is again low so she has restarted potassium.  Her albumin level is low which is due to her poor nutrition.  This worried me a little but Manobi wants to try her on just breast milk before considering supplementation.  Hopefully Eva keeps putting on weight.  Eva needs to try to take milk from a small cup put to her lips so that she can take her medications at home.  We will try this in a few days.

Abby who delivered Eva came for a visit today.  She was delighted to have her first cuddle.  Eva is the smallest baby that Abby has delivered although not the only premature one!  I commented that Abby was looking a little stressed at the delivery.  She said that was because the senior medical staff had warned her that Eva’s head might get stuck and Abby would need to cut my cervix to release her.  Abby said that while I was pushing she was talking herself through the procedure to make sure she was ready. 

After being here for so long I am starting to wonder if people have normal pregnancies!  All I see and hear about in the dining room is problem pregnancies and or babies.

It snowed about 10cm overnight with a blanket of white snow covering Bristol.  The most snow in Bristol in 35 years!  This looked beautiful from the hospital with all the rooftops and trees dressed in white.  Andrew and Bob had to use the dustpan and brush to clear the car.  Everything just looked so pretty.  Of course this meant that I stayed inside to avoid the slippery footpaths. 

Today Gran and Pop both had lovely cuddles with a very snugly Eva.  Eva’s temperature was low so it was an excuse for Gran to wrap her up and keep her close to her with both parties keeping warm.  Gran is supplying Andrew with yummy meals on a plate ready to heat up at the hospital.  Of course this is a vast improvement to the supermarket microwave meals of the last 2 weeks!  


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