Day 88 – Friday February 6th 2009


Eva has been a good girl today and has enjoyed lots of cuddles.  We have had a very relaxing day.   Even with 3 hourly feeds I feel I slept well.   In between 9pm and 9am I fed and slept and Eva settled really well.  I have weaned her off of the brighter night light to a softer one in readiness for going home.  Hopefully I will have a repeat performance tonight.

Eva has eaten well today with no top ups required.  She even seems to be getting hungry which is a great sign.  Dr Mohammed visited today and thought Eva was doing well.  He said “We all love her here”, which is lovely to hear.  Eva seems to be growing longer as some clothes are getting tighter lengthways, they still have some room widthways.

Again today we have had lots of snow overnight.  The whole of blanket of white is making the place look magical.  Of course transport and the roads are very difficult with lots of sliding and ice. I am actually thankful that Eva and I are in here where it is nice and warm!  Several staff were unable to come in today or they chose to use the excuse to have a day off!  Of course with schools closed children are having lots of fun building snowmen I hear.

I spoke to Mum and Dad today.  It is still very hot in Canberra and Adelaide.  Gram had another night of a minimum of 32 degrees last night.  They are looking forward to seeing Eva when they visit in March.

Andrew is in London for work and will miss out on seeing Eva today.  Gran and Pop have visited today of course for their fix of Eva cuddles.  Also they brought a delightful selection of decadent cakes for afternoon tea, which was delicious.  Gran was very busy today with her first 2 nappy changes for Eva.  Gran and Pop had a photo book delivered today in which Eva featured with photos from Day 1!  




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