Day 89 – Saturday February 7th 2009

Today was weigh day and Eva’s 80g loss came as a disappointment to the staff and us.  Also at the same time we found that Eva’s temperature was only 36.1degrees (it should be 36.5-37).  Both of these things made me sad today.  Foolishly we had started dreaming about Eva coming home early next week.  I had completely forgotten that for every step forward is two steps backward!

In an effort to counteract the weight loss Eva is having top up feeds.  Her nasogastric tube was removed last night as it had been in for 7 days.  Now Eva is having some breast milk using a cup after her breast feed. The cup feed is easy for her to swallow as it is just lapping it up not sucking.  Tomorrow she will be weighed again.  This means that I am back to expressing for Eva to have the top up.  It has been lovely to have stopped expressing for the past 2 days.  It really does take up more time between feeds, which means less sleep.  Pleasingly the left breast seems to have upped production to more of less equal the right, which is great.

This evening Marion, a lovely midwife helped Eva and I with attachment.  Eva seemed to do a much better job with my nipple pointing towards to roof of her mouth.  Other midwives have looked and have been happy but Marion really helped us.  She had a very funny woollen breast to demonstrate with.

Eva seems to be having difficulty keeping her temperature.  I guess this is related to the fact that it is cold outside here at the moment with minus 4 overnight.  Of course I feel bad that I didn’t dress her in more overnight.  We now have a portable oil heater in the room to heat it up to 24 degrees to see if that helps.  Of course I have really been enjoying the ambient 22 and find 24 very dry and warm.  Today Eva and I had skin to skin time that brought her temperature up.  David, the Consultant, felt that it was unreasonable to ask Eva to maintain her temperature without a hat on as she is so small.  One of the aims of the nursing staff was for Eva to be without a hat. 

Perhaps Eva is waiting for her friend Grace to join her here.  Grace is improving and back on her full feed.  She will try a bottle feed soon!

Eva and Mummy were thrilled to see Daddy again after his night out in London.  He was very busy socialising and is looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

I left the building today to have a bakery lunch.  It was the first time that Ruth and Bob had seen me away from ward 76!  We walked carefully along the footpaths as they still had snow on them.  There is meant to be more snow here on Sunday night.  Of course we are very concerned to hear about the awful fires in Victoria with concerns spread across most of the state.  Ruth and Bob are sitting here anxiously waiting for news of fire activity close to their property in Wonga Park.  We pray for all of the people who are affected by the bushfires and those whose lives have been lost.  I can’t imagine what 47.5 degrees was like!!!!!

Gran is busy knitting Eva a gorgeous mint green cardigan.  Luckily when Gran was only 8 rows in we measured Eva to find that she was already bigger than the smallest pattern.  Gran had to unwind her hard work and start again at the next size!

I forgot to write yesterday that with much excitement the Human Breast Milk Bank at Oxford wants my stored breast milk.  I am delighted that some tiny baby may benefit as Eva did.  Fortunately Ruth and Bob have agreed to transport these precious drops, which is wonderful as it is definitely not something Andrew and I would have time to do. 


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