Day 90 – Sunday February 8th 2009

Eva is on her 90th day and still hasn’t had a bath!!!  Poor thing.  Luckily she doesn’t do much to get dirty.  I wonder will she like it when she is wet?

Eva gained 40g today to be to 1.84kg.  This is a good sign.  Last night Eva seemed to have better feeds with our new attachment technique.  Of course each feed is variable.  I topped her up with cup feeds every other feed.  Today David, the Consultant said to top her up when I felt that she didn’t feed well enough but definitely not every time.

Today Eva went back into a Hot Cot.  As I suspected it looks like we made the move too early into a cot.  The rationale for going back in is that Eva will easily maintain her temperature and be able to concentrate on breast feeding.  I wish I had been more assertive about not changing the cot but they took it away whilst I was at breakfast knowing that I was hesitant.  This Hot Cot is a hot water mattress so a change for Eva.

Eva is becoming more active between feeds being very cute.  Several times she woke up before her feeds showing she is hungry.

Today Tori looked after Eva, which was just delightful.  We took a photo of her with Eva to show the difference from the photo she had with Eva on Day 11.  Tori spent lots of time chatting with me and letting me talk through my frustrations. 

For lunch today I visited home for the first time in 2 ½ weeks.  I visited briefly and saw the lovely crib set up by the bed.  It was a bit strange just being a visitor.  I left the building again to get coffee.  The footpaths are wet but not slippery today which is nice.  Apparently it is going to snow again tonight.

Whilst she was sleeping on Andrew’s chest we clipped Eva’s fingernails.  They were starting to get long and scratching us and maybe her.  I was very nervous but it was actually easier than I thought.

Yesterday Lesley the Chaplain visited and was just an angel.  Just a day when I needed someone to share with.  Lesley gave me communion and we shared prayer together.  It was a real blessing.

On our minds today have been the fires in Victoria.  With the death toll climbing and more bush land and livestock being destroyed it is a very sad situation.  We send our prayers to all families affected and hope for calmer weather in the coming days. 


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