Day 91 – Monday February 9th 2009

A very busy day in our room today with constant flow of people traffic!  Mondays are always busy in the hospital with everybody catching up from the weekend.  Today I didn’t even get to have a shower.

Eva had a very unsettled night last night.  The new cot last night was flat and unable to have a head tilt as the water would all pool in the end.  I did question this as Eva has always had her head raised due to her reflux and to help with breathing.    I was told that this was the type of cot they always use when I asked if Eva could have one where the head raises.  Poor Eva had reflux all night.  I could hear the milk coming up and her swallowing it again.  Unfortunately there was nothing we could do about it overnight so we just had a sleepless night.  I felt so sorry for her in pain all night.  Today Nikki and Pauline found Eva the other style Hot Cot with a tilt.  This seems to be much better.

Today Eva was weighed again at 1.82kg, a loss of 20g.  It is just tricky that nothing seems to be working to get Eva to increase her weight and stay there.  We are of course sad about this as it means longer in here.  Nikki, from the Community Team was very supportive today asking about how Andrew and I are coping.  Of course I just responded with tears of frustration.  It’s always easier in retrospect to wonder if changes that we made or didn’t make would be impacting now.  Feed times were all messed up today as Eva found it hard to wake up seeing as she was catching up on sleep.

Today while I was giving her a wash Eva refluxed some milk and choked a little.  I gave her to Emily, a midwife who checked to see that Eva would catch her breath.  Eva was very startled and scared and her eyes began to water.  When Eva relaxed her body she also relaxed her bladder, not a very nice way to thank Emily! 

Eva was reviewed by Dr Ashraf, who was concerned about Eva’s weight.  In the 20 days we have been here Eva has increased her weight by 80g.  Ashraf decided that to decrease her energy output Eva would only feed at the breast for 20min then have a top up by cup, which is easier for her.  Eva will be weighed again tomorrow.  Also Eva had blood tests today to check her levels again.

I was visited by Sally, the infant feeding co-ordinator, who was interested In Eva’s progress and also with how breastfeeding has been introduced to Eva and I.  Later in the afternoon she brought back some articles for me to read.  She was very supportive and really interested in my feedback.

Eva had her eyes checked again today.  The opthamologist took photos of the retinas, which are still developing.  There is a slight concern in the far peripheral on the right but no concerns in the left.  They need to be rechecked in 2 weeks.

We had several visitors this afternoon.  Lesel came to visit while Jamie was in to have a head scan.  It was great to chat with someone who has been through all this.  She brought us some clothes that Jamie has already grown out of!  Lizzy visited whilst having an afternoon off from jury duty.  Helen visited today as she had the day off and was shopping in town.  She didn’t think that Eva had grown much in 2 weeks but Lizzy thought she looked much bigger.

I bought credit to watch tv overnight to keep me entertained whilst feeding.  I was able to watch footage of the Victorian fires.  I am unable to understand what it must be like there at the moment.

Overall it was a busy day today and I feel tired but it has made yet another day here go quickly at least.  Hopefully we have a better night’s sleep tonight. 


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