Day 92 – Tuesday February 10th 2009

I feel much better today.  We are heading into our 14th week and there is still at least a week to go.  Today at least we had progress.  Andrew and I are both glad that we are moving in the right direction after today. 

Eva’s weight went down today to 1.780kg which means an increase of just 40g over the past 20 days!  Action was required. James, the Consultant, reviewed Eva today.   James started off by saying that he would like it all to be done by numbers, that is he would like to know what goes in and out because he is a doctor.  However breastfeeding doesn’t allow that luxury.  James was very positive about breast feeding and wanted me to continue if that was my choice.  He said we could use formula if we had to.  I was pleased about how encouraging he was for breast feeding, it gave me more confidence.  James wants to give Eva more calories and volume by supplementing my breast feeding. James thinks that Eva needs to break the cycle and put on some weight to get back on top of things. and it was decided that Eva would have a nasogastric tube reinserted to help boost her weight.  This was after much discussion with James, the nurse, the registrar and myself.  Thus we are giving Eva 25mls of milk with fortifier in it via the tube after her breast feed.

James reassured us that there are no problems to be concerned about, nothing drastic to worry about.  He pointed out that at least it wasn’t a great loss just stable weight.  Eva’s haemaglobin level is down to 7.7 which means she is anaemic but James doesn’t want to give her a transfusion.  James can see light at the end of the tunnel even if we are starting to become despondent. 

It is still the same goals to go home. Which means she will need to be exclusively breast feeding with no tube to go home.  She can however have top ups using a cup at home.  We chose to put the tube down to make sure that Eva gets the full amounts of top ups.  Hopefully it will only be down for 3 days.

Also today I met with Kay, the matron of the unit.  She was very interested in the feedback that Andrew and I had to offer after such a long stay.  She was very positive about all of my comments and even took my notes with her to remember.  It was a lovely experience and I hope that it helps parents in the future.

Ruth and Bob very generously delivered approximately 25 litres of expressed breast milk to the Human Breast Milk Bank at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.  Sally who received it was delighted by the donation and amazed at the amount.  She explained to Ruth and Bob that it would be used for sick and premature babies.  Sally explained that giving breast milk and preventing complications with 1 baby could save enough for the costs of a whole milk bank for a year.  It’s only a pity there isn’t a bank here to help save these costs in Bristol.  


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