Day 93 – Wednesday February 11th 2009

A day of sunshine for all of us today.  Although it is cold the sunshine is out which makes it much more pleasant.  Eva had a lovely 3 month birthday celebrating by wearing her first dress from Great Grandma.  We repeated her hand and footprints and I believe they look much bigger although I haven’t compared them yet.

Eva was thinking heavy thoughts today and weighed in at 1.90kg much to the relief of Andrew and I.  We are presuming that yesterday’s weight was incorrect seeing as we didn’t triple check it like today.  This is the highest she has ever been.  Maybe that 2kg mark isn’t as out of reach as we thought!

The plan is to continue with the tube feeds until the next weigh on Friday.  When her weight is increased then her tube feed volumes will halve.  Then with the increase on the next weigh the tube feeds will stop.  After this Eva will come out of the hot cot.  All of this means at least another week.  Gran and Pop may not get to see Eva at home, which is sad for them.  We only pray that for our sanity we are at least home for Eva’s due date!  I will end up having lived at the hospital for a month.

Sally, the Infant Feeding Co-ordinator for St Michael’s hospital came to see me.  Her role is to support staff in supporting parents with breast or bottle feeding.  I explained to her that I thought there needed to be more support for breastfeeding especially for mothers expressing.  Sally is interested in me giving feedback to her regarding a document used to educate staff and help with early breastfeeding of premature and sick babies.  Sally also gave me articles on breast feeding premature babies.  It is exciting to be involved in this and help parents for the future.   

Katja, the family support worker from the unit, came to visit me up here as she realised we were still here.  She was good at listening to me about my frustrations with this extended stay up here.  Pauline and Tori were our nurses today and they were very good at helping me stay positive.  In the early hours of this morning I got quite despondent about breast feeding.  I lost my confidence and wondered again if it is holding us up.  Of course they all tell me this isn’t true and after all this effort I should persist.  By mid morning I had renewed enthusiasm and am happy for Eva and I to continue the learning.

Eva’s dose of sodium phosphate has been increased as her blood results show that her level of phosphate alkalinase has increased.  This is an indicator that her body is breaking down its bones in order to make new ones.  This means that Eva has Metabolic Bone Disease/Osteopenia which is something that premature babies frequently have issues with.  In the last 3 moths of pregnancy large amounts of calcium and phosphorus are transferred from a mother to her baby to help the bones to grow.  Obviously Eva missed out on this and thus we now have to give her supplements to assist her bones to grow.

This afternoon I went for a walk in the sunshine, which was very refreshing.  I did a little shopping and stopped for coffee and cake. 


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