Day 95 – Friday February 13th 2009

We now have a 2.02kg (4lb7oz) baby girl!  All the fattening with extra calories has paid off.  It really is impressive that all this extra milk with fortifier can achieve this increase.  In two days Eva has gained 120g.  We hope that with this increase she will maintain a higher weight and increase her successful breastfeeding.  Thank you for all the prayers that have brought Eva to this point.  We are delighted but realistic that there are still more goals to achieve before home time.

It does show that we made the right decision to put a nasogastric tube down.  The midwives are still not sure that it was the right way to do it but the nurses feel they were successful.  It is just an example of the different aspects of Eva’s care.  Eva now has half of that milk volume until the next weigh on Sunday.

I am getting tired with the feeding overnight.  Eva has a breast feed then her tube feed then lays upright on my chest for at least 10 minutes to prevent her reflux.  At least in a room on my own I can have the radio on to keep me awake.  I can always go to the nursery where the staff will chat with me.  At least Eva settles well between feeds.

Eva is definitely getting longer as that is where she is growing out of her clothes.  Soon we will have a whole pile that she doesn’t fit into!  Still when we have her on our chest she curls up in a little ball and takes a while to stretch out when we put her down.

Of course we are keeping updated with the fires in Victoria via the Internet and emails.  Ruth and Bob have kindly offered spare rooms in their house for some homeless fire victims.  We can’t imagine the devastation that these people face.


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