Day 96 – Saturday February 14th 2009

A lovely quiet Saturday where Eva got lots of cuddle time for growing and mum got a few extra sleeps.  Eva is feeding well and enjoying her top ups.  Tomorrow is weigh day so we will see some more improvements.

Gran produced a gorgeous chocolate cake to celebrate Eva’s 2kg!   The staff here are not familiar with these cakes as it is a SCBU thing so they were most surprised and thankful.  It was very well received and not inhaled as quickly as with the multitude of staff downstairs. 

Gran mentioned that she thought the hormones after birth help you to cope with the sleepless nights. I checked with the midwives and yes I am missing out on the happy hormones however they offered no solution to this.  I guess I will just get used to being sleep deprived.

Today Andrew showed Eva a book with white pages and solid black pictures Gran and Pop gave her. Eva seemed to really enjoy the pictures and was particularly interested in the elephant. She even gave a big smile, the first time we feel she really smiled without just having wind!

Andrew took Gran and Pop on a tour of Special Care Baby Unit this afternoon.  They briefly saw a premature baby under 1kg.  The translucent skin was very alarming and the number of machines were overwhelming.  Gran and Pop would have been very scared had they seen Eva at that stage.   Gran says she now has some understanding as to why we were thinking in the short term all the time. It is now more obvious how tenuous life is at that stage.  Whilst there they met Grace and her parents, Claire and Barry. They thought it lovely to meet Grace who they had heard so much about.  

Gran delivered Spaghetti Bolognaise for our dinner and we were at the bakery for lunch so I have avoided hospital meals today.  


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