Day 97 – Sunday February 15th 2009

Every person that sees Eva is her cot or in my arms always comments about her size.  They say that she is tiny and small and cute.  This is lovely in this situation but I’m sure that I will get sick of this comment.  Most common is that she looks like a doll!  I am thinking of having a doll made to match her dimensions when she is discharged so that we always remember how tiny she was.  

Another successful weigh day today – 2.04kg.   Today the nasogastric tube was removed and thus the top ups were stopped.  That means that the next weigh is just reliant on my plain breast milk with no fortifier.  I must say I am nervous about that.  I love the drunken look that Eva gets when she has finished a feed and has a full tummy.  It gives me great satisfaction.  Eva is demanding earlier feeds a couple of times a day which is great as she is showing hunger.  Also she likes to have long feeds late at night to stock up.

I have been very disappointed whilst on this ward to see the number of babies that are given formula in preference to breast milk.  I have chatted with several midwives about this.  They assure me that the patients on this ward are not an accurate snapshot of the population.  It saddens me to see that several mothers that attempt breastfeeding end up changing to bottles in order to get home sooner.  Of course I had this thought several times when I could see others doing it but was given much support for my choice of breast feeding.  What’s a couple of extra days for the benefits that breast feeding brings.  I really think that formula should be charged for to discourage that option seeing as God designed mothers bodies for the perfect babies milk. 

We are starting to think about the medications that Eva will be discharged on and how to give them.  It is something we have to learn in the upcoming week.  Andrew will be able to do me a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of them!  It will be good to be able to give them at times that suit me rather than have to wait for the nurses to deliver them.  Today Andrew gave Eva her Sodium Phosphate with a syringe straight into her mouth and she didn’t spit it out.  This is the one I was worried about so that was a relief.  I now know Eva’s hospital number off by heart as they read it with each drug administration which is with each feed thus 8 times daily. 

Louis went home Friday, 132 days since his birth, much to his parent’s delight.  It was lovely to see this family off to enjoy their little boy.  Hopefully he will continue to grow big and healthy.

Gran treated up to a lovely Roast Dinner at home today in between feeds.  We have been very spoilt with Gran’s cooking.

Tonight I have had a neighbour join me in the room. I am feeling so lucky that I have had a 2 bed room to myself for the past 4 days.


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