Day 99 – Tuesday February 17th 2009

The good thing about Eva’s slow weight gain is that she is able to wear this size of clothes longer.  Today Eva was back to 2.020kg following her 48 hours of just breast milk.  Thus we have made a plan for some long term weight gain options.  It’s hard not to be sad that my milk and Eva’s feeding isn’t working for us but Andrew reminded me of the very small number with which I was getting upset.

Eva will now have 2 bottles a day of expressed breast milk with fortifier. This is the same as she has been having since early in December and as we can see from the experiment over the past week Eva responds well to this form of increased calories. This will be a short term measure until the community team feel Eva will get enough in the way of calories just from breast feeding. Emily the midwife caring for us today was fantastic at helping to make a plan.  Today a case conference between the midwife, community nurse, Consultant and Registrar came to the conclusion that Eva needed more calories than she currently gets from my breast milk.  Andrew and I have decided after suggestions offered by the team that we will give Eva the 2 bottles.  The option was to use premature baby formula but the Consultant and ourselves preferred to stick with the breast milk, which we know Eva tolerates. Increase calorie intake short term measure

Andrew and I met for a milkshake in the middle of the day to consider the options.  Andrew and I feel relieved that a plan has been formulated and we have been empowered to make a decision that will best suit us at home. I did suggest 2 weeks ago that we would like to consider adding in a bottle but was told it wasn’t an option.  Emily told me today that it may have failed 2 weeks ago but now that Eva is a more competent breast feeder it is more likely to be a successful option.

It is just amazing and miraculous when I stop to think about how far we have come in 14 weeks from when she weighed just 790g.  Eva has just had such a hard time thus far and my wish for her is that is gets easier and more enjoyable in the near future. 

Despite the weight loss Eva has come out of her Hot Cot today.  She is in a nice snazzy cot and of course layered to the point of being unable to move her arms.  Carolyn, from the Community Team, said that we need to start challenging her seeing as Eva is over 2kg and 39 weeks gestation.  The longer we leave it the more Eva thinks she doesn’t have to work.  Also the more it delays us leaving as we can’t plug a hot cot in at home!  Please send Eva some warm glowing prayers to keep her toasty.

Today Eva had her final ultrasound scan of the ventricles in her head.  Soon after birth Eva has Grade 2 bleeds in these ventricles and they have been monitoring them since.  As is often the case with this complication of prematurity the body has resolved them and we should expect no further complications.

Eva had an unsettled period of 2.5 hours overnight where she just wanted to keep eating (not that is was reflected on the scales today).  This of course means that she missed out on sleep on and has found feeding tiring today.

I spoke to Mum who encouraged me to enjoy these moments here where I can spend time just being with Eva as opposed to home where I will be thinking about chores and other things to do.  It is good advice and I will have to focus on that in the coming few days. 

Eva certainly is becoming more alert and her personality is shining through.  Daddy tries his hardest to tuck her in very tightly to keep her warm.  Eva has a very satisfied look of victory when she removes her arms from under the blankets.

My friend Catherine emailed to let me know that she is now 25 weeks pregnant and can understand how I feel I missed out on being pregnant.  I still find myself rubbing my tummy and have to remind myself that I already have a beautiful daughter to touch instead.  


2 thoughts on “Day 99 – Tuesday February 17th 2009

  1. Feeling your frustration Marnie and Andy. Hang in there. In years to come it will be a distant memory.

    Love Mim

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