Day 100 – Wednesday February 18th 2009

Well Eva has made it to Day 100 and is still a resident of St Michael’s hospital.  Of course one bonus is that it is warm and toasty in here while it is cold and drizzly outside today.  You would think that Bristol could put on nice weather for this special day!  Gran lovingly created another cake in celebration of this milestone.  Again all the staff thought that it was delicious.

Daddy really enjoyed giving Eva her bottle tonight a new part of his daily routine.  This is a special time for Eva and Daddy.  I loved watching them together. 

I didn’t anticipate just how strange it would feel to see Eva taking her feed from a bottle.  It was just so bizarre!  I can’t believe that I was prepared to give up on breast feeding when I had such a strong pull watching her suck on the bottle.  Poor thing had lots of wind pain after gulping down her milk.  We both found it hard to watch her grimace in pain.  Obviously we have to improve our burping techniques!

Eva completed her Car Seat Assessment today.  For this Eva sat in our car seat for 30 minutes with an oxygen saturation monitor to check her oxygen levels.  She looked just so small and cute in there.  Eva hardly takes up any space.  We have bought a premature baby insert which definitely helped support her in the correct position.  Everyone who came into the nursery and commented how small and cute Eva is.  She certainly wins hearts!

Today Eva had her 12 week immunisations with Dr Dan.  She was a trouper and didn’t really complain very much at all.  Eva had a brief suck at the breast for comfort then enjoyed long cuddles with Gran and Pop.

Overnight the other baby in our room needed a blue light to counteract her jaundice.  This and the radiators in the ward made it very hot and uncomfortable. 

Last night in the Nursery I was surrounded by mothers ranging from 16-24 years old all rather rough and ready.  I felt completely geriatric and conservative.  It was just hilarious listening to their conversation, content and language.  


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