Day 101 – Thursday February 19th 2009

I was very tired today so spent the day sleeping when Eva slept to try and catch up.  Maybe the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me.  Luckily it was quiet in my room today.

Poor Eva was feeling a little sorry for herself overnight and was very grizzly.  This also meant that she fed very poorly with small amounts.  The midwives put it down to her immunisations.  Eva had paracetamol to settle her once, which also made her sleepy.  Eva seems to have caught up with feeds today having nice long feeds.

We did not do a weight today under the direction of Dr Manobi.  She said it wouldn’t be fair seeing as we made her feel too awful to feed properly.  Tomorrow’s the day.  Andrew has rearranged his work travel commitments for the end of next week with the quiet confidence that we will have our daughter home by then.

Eva seems to be maintaining her temperature outside of the Hot Cot, which is good.  We will have to wait and see if her temperature settles after the reaction to the immunisations.  Once her temperature is stable Daddy can give her a bath.

Gran has been very busy today finishing Eva’s second cardigan and giving Eva her evening bottle.  Gran was impressed how easy it was to give Eva her bottle after some previous battles with her other grandchildren!  Gran and Pop have been very busy exploring Bristol and looking after the household tasks.


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