Day 102 – Friday February 20th 2009

Since about 11 last night Eva has decided that it is great to cry and eat very often.  The midwives are saying “She’s a term baby now”.  They kept telling me that this would happen but I found it hard to believe.  Luckily she did settle overnight and the staff had her in the Nursery and gave her a bottle.  I was able to have 5 hours sleep which was delightful.  This morning she was breast fed every 1.5 hours and was screaming for those feeds!  A real newborn baby in this her 39th week.  Of course she is quite delighted to be cuddled and isn’t unhappy then!  Lucky I have a sling for her at home.

Today Eva put on 80g to get to 2.08kg (4lb9oz).  We will weigh her again Monday morning to ensure that there is a further increase.  Today Eva will try her evening bottle with breast milk and a scoop of formula to replace the hospital fortifier.  This is as suggested by the dietician.  Hopefully she tolerates this change.

This afternoon we had a second discharge planning meeting.  Again we confirmed the plans and checked what else needed to be sorted.  Dr Laura organised all of Eva’s medications and has written Eva’s discharge letter.  We need to buy our own bottles and teats for Eva to get used to.  Also Eva needs to try her bottles with formula as the fortifier.  Laura feels confident that Monday is the day but I am trying hard not to get too excited and wait until the day!  The end does feel in sight now.

Daddy has been in Birmingham for work today and will visit this evening.  Today Jackie and Tony have visited Eva.  The last time they saw her was 10 weeks ago when she has in HDU on CPAP.  What a dramatic change they have seen in her.  Dr Laura has insisted that I go out for dinner this evening seeing as Eva can have her bottle.  


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