Day 103 – Saturday February 21st 2009

Sadly Gran and Pop left today.  They travelled back to Jackie and Tony’s in Thame to then travel to Heathrow Sunday.  They both had lovely cuddles with Eva this afternoon.  Gran did Eva’s wash whilst Pop videoed it.  We then got to dress Eva in her new 2kg celebration outfit from Jackie and Tony.  No doubt Gran and Pop are feeling a little sad to leave their granddaughter today but relieved to think that by the time they get home to Melbourne Eva will be able to wave at them on Skype!

Today really was all about yummy food and free babysitting for Andrew and I.  I signed out of the hospital 3 times today, perhaps looking like an irresponsible mother.  But we were encouraged by the staff to make the most of these opportunities before our new life begins.  We all went out for Brunch at the delicious Deco Lounge only a 10 minute walk away.   It was lovely and nice to not be as tired as last night when I wasn’t very good company.  This afternoon we left again to buy a bottle for Eva to practice with before we leave the hospital.  This evening we returned to the Deco Lounge for a burger and I even had a small glass of wine (an advantage to Eva having a bottle of previously expressed breast milk).

Eva seemed to have a good day although hungry and doing small feeds again.  Dr Laura did reassure me yesterday that although the bottle feed is quick breast feeding offers a lot of developmental and loving opportunities not just the administering of food!  I still feel nervous that she will reject my breast.  It’s hard to know what is happening with her routine having been changed so much recently.

There has been no issue with Eva taking the formula as fortifier in her 2 bottles per day.  Eva enjoyed the new bottle and teat although it was a faster flow so we needed to wind her more.  She is getting very good at taking her medicines by syringe directly into the inside of her cheek.  I do wonder if she will learn to spit them out. 

We are starting to clear out my stuff from the room that I have collected over the past 31 days.  It is hard to remain calm about the possibility of her discharge.  I am delighted that Andrew will be home next week as we get to know Eva together. Again we are impressed with how supportive Andrew’s work have been since Eva’s birth.

We are going to church in the morning as the staff can give her the bottle while I am gone.  Also we will be unable go with Eva for the next 6 weeks due to the risk of infections.  I am pleased to be going to participate in singing and praying preparing us for the next phase of our lives.  


One thought on “Day 103 – Saturday February 21st 2009

  1. Will anxiously await Monday’s blog – hopefully you will be too busy settling Eva into home for you to write it! Mim

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