3kg Today!

March 31

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Tuesday March 31st 2009

Over 3kg now!  A wonderful day today with Eva gaining 300g over the past 5 days!!  Eva now weighs 3.06kg (6lb 11oz).  The Infatrini feed seems to have done the trick with increasing her weight gain.  I am a little worried how her body can change so quickly in just 5 days.  Eva seems to be happy enough and likes the taste of the feed which is fortunate.  

Today she even had two good daytime sleeps which is a real blessing.  She still seems to have some reflux which bothers her but overall seems very happy.

Friday March 27th 2009

Eva is busy being very cute and commanding lots of attention from the 4 adults of the house.  Of course she clearly knows that we are all here to love her and uses every opportunity to have a cuddle.  It would be nice to get her into some sort of routine for my improved sanity but with her still needing 8 feeds per day and her reflux requiring 20-30min upright time post feed it’s hard.  Eventually when she is bigger it will be easier.  The past few nights Andrew has bathed her and then settled her into bed.  This has been a good move.  We have eaten without a screaming or sleeping child in our arms.

Nikki from the Community Team came to see Eva yesterday.  Nikki thought that Eva looked very well and happy but was concerned about only 100g weight increase in 6 days.  Eva is now 2.76kg (6lb 1oz).  The dietician has decided that Eva needs to commence a different feed for her 2 bottles per day.  Eva will now have Infatrini which is a ready made enteral feed in a bottle.  This feed is high in calories and protein so that she can gain muscle and fat stores.  Eva is growing we can see that as she is growing out of her clothes lengthways and her face shape is changing.  As well she is having more awake time each day but she still tires very quickly.

Nanny is being a magical fairy taking care of the household chores with the help of Grandpa.  Of course they are always available for cuddles as needed.  They visited a renowned pigeon flyer near Bath today for an adventure.  We have been getting out each day for a walk and coffee.  Sometimes Eva goes in the pram and sometimes the sling.

We have bought a doll that is the same weight and approximate size of Eva at birth.  This is to remind us of just how small Eva was because we are sure to forget.  The arms and legs are much bigger than hers were but the weight, length and head circumference are close enough.  The doll can be seen on Flickr dressed up with Eva’s old wires and then also Eva’s clothes (that she has grown out of).

This week Eva had Cranio Sacral Therapy, an alternative therapy that uses touch to help the body to heal itself.  Of course this was my idea and has yet to prove fruitful with any improvement in her reflux.  Hopefully we will see an improvement soon.  

We hope that with this new feed in her bottle Eva will gain weight and continue to have her breast feeds for the rest of the day.  Weigh day is Tuesday so send some heavy thoughts please!

Friday March 20th 2009

Nanny and Grandpa arrived this morning to see Eva here in Bristol.  Grandpa was so grateful to see Eva in great condition after the transformation from birth to now.  He was delighted to be able to hold Eva and see her open eyes looking up.  Nanny thought that Eva had grown a lot and was delighted to see her home without any tubes!

Yesterday Eva had her first visit to the GP and her third lot of immunisations.  Of course after 3 injections in her thighs Eva was not happy and has been a grumpy girl (rightfully so!).  There is no more now until she is 1.  Today Eva was visited by the Community Team who checked her over and weighed her.  Eva weighs 2.660kg (5lb 14oz).  This means she is now heavier than both Andrew (4lb11oz) and I (5lb12oz) were at birth (both 34weeks gestation).

The weather has been just lovely with sunshine every day.  Of course this is great for taking Eva out and about.  I have seen many people in shorts and t-shirts with sunburn with it being only 14degrees!  Any sun just makes these people crazy!