Thursday March 5th 2009

Eva is doing well although not a big fan of sleep from 2-6am.  This means that I get lots of cuddles as she feeds and settles on and off.  Of course we just realise that this is normal newborn stuff.  I am able to catch up with sleep during the day when Eva sleeps.  Of course we do think that she is just gorgeous and precious so she gets away with it.  

Yesterday Andrew worked from home so I went out to do some chores.  It has been sunny here the past few days so it was nice to get outside and enjoy it.  I am looking forward to the weekend when we can all be together as a family.  

An update on Grace.  She made it through surgery yesterday.  The surgeons removed a narrowing in Grace’s bowel and some scar tissue.  She did not need to have a stoma bag fitted much to her parent’s relief.  Today Grace is ok but in some pain.  Claire and Barry are doing ok but of course are struggling with another emotional upheaval.


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