Tuesday March 17th 2009

Yesterday was weigh day with the Community Team.  Eva is now 2.56kg (5lb 10oz) which is reasonable growth.  It still means that she is below the centile line but still going up.  I have realised though that even as a full term newborn she may have had slow weight gain so I may have had the same concerns anyway.  

Today Eva’s reflux has been bothering her lots.  This has meant lots of cuddles upright on my chest and no extra sleeps for me.  This afternoon for our outing we used the sling which Eva found very comfortable sleeping the whole time.  It’s great to have an option to keep her upright when out of the house.  

Our photo book of  Eva was delivered today.  Andrew did a great job using a new program which imported the blog and Flickr photos making the logistics much easier. It’s amazing to reflect how far Eva has come in the past 4 months.


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